The Jura Forest Alliance (ジュラの森大同盟 Jura no Mori Dai Dōmei) is the fifteenth episode of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


Rimiru and co, Treyni, the Lizardmen, and the Orcs discuss the future and form the Jura Forest Alliance with Rimuru as the Chancellor. Meanwhile, with plans gone awry, Demon Lord Clayman cooks up another scheme. Three months pass, and the village has advanced a lot, with Gazel Dwargo suddenly giving a surprise visit with his army. After a brief duel to testify Rimuru's character, they drink that night and decide on a treaty with Armed Nation Dwargon, thus declaring and establishing their developing village as a new nation named the Jura Tempest Federation.


With the conflict with the Orcs resolved a meeting is called between the races of the Jura Forest: Rimuru's faction including the Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Kijin, the Lizardmen, the Orcs and the Dryad. Wishing to have the matter settled immediately the meeting's chairman Rimuru states that he does not blame any of the remaining 150,000 orcs for their actions and anyone who wishes to see them punished must also punish Rimuru as he's taken responsibility for them.

In order to prevent a repeat of the events that led to the invasion of the forest, Rimuru intends to have the other three factions trade food with the Orcs: The Lizardmen providing Fish and freshwater, the Dryads fruits and vegetables, and Rimuru's group will shelter the Orcs. In exchange, the Orcs will be dispersed through the forest and will be working as laborers to rebuild, expand, and modernize the forest's settlements.

With the alliance between the four factions finalized Treyni declares Rimuru the new chancellor of the Great Jura Forest, to which, everyone, except for Rimuru, unanimously agrees. After the meeting, the New Orc King, the son of the Orc Disaster Geld, confronts Benimaru and the Kijin. He is fully aware that what the Orcs did to the Ogre's village was unacceptable and asks that Benimaru sate his rage by taking his head.

However, Benimaru is not in a position where he can take accept such a request. Because he and his fellow Kijin have decided to stay on as Rimuru's subordinates they have been given official job titles: Shion is now Rimuru's official Samurai and Secretary, Hakurou is now the Instructor, Souei is now the Spy, Kurobe is now a Swordsmith, Shuna is the Holy Princess and Benimaru is Samurai General to Rimuru's army.

As such Benimaru cannot do something like wandering around killing the soldiers in Rimuru's army as it pleases him, instead he tells the Orc to work hard for his master if he wants forgiveness. Rimuru, having overheard the pair's conversation, addresses the Orc who offered his head and as the Orc Prince gives him the name Geld to inherit the will of the Orc Disaster, which causes him to evolve into an Orc King.

Unfortunately, Rimuru also has to spend the next ten days naming all 150,000 orcs and enter's sleep mode as a result. The Lizardman Chieftain is also given the name Abiru which triggers his evolution into a Dragonewt and gives him a younger stronger body with which to lead his people. For his treasonous actions, the Lizardman formerly known as Gabiru is stripped of the right to call himself a Lizardman and banished from their village.

They exiled Prince is given his tribes weapon, the Water Vortex Spear and enough supplies to last him several days travel on foot. Gabiru soon has a tearful reunion with his men and together with them, they leave the Lizardmen's territory. In the meantime, Laplace is reporting back to his master, the Demon Lord Clayman, on what happened within the forest. Even though they failed to create a puppet demon lord they did gain an understanding of the forces within the forest.

Three months after the Orc invasion The settlements within the forest have been dramatically improved thanks to the evolved High Orcs dedicated construction efforts, building roads, housing and an aqueduct which gives them indoor plumbing now. Unfortunately, Souei comes in with a report about an army that is flying towards their settlement on the backs of Pegasus's. In the meantime, Gazel Dwargo is holding a meeting with his top executives.

To summarize: The Orc Lord has been defeated and the 150,000 rampaging orcs have scattered and settled down after they all evolved into High Orcs. Gazel correctly concludes that Rimuru was responsible and decides to act quickly, less their nation falls to a threat that evolves monsters and rules over them. Thus Gazel mounts the Pegasus and flies to Rimuru's town to confront the slime alongside his royal guard. Arriving in Rimuru's village Gazel challenges Rimuru to determine his true nature.

With Treyni judging the match Rimuru eludes the Dwarf King's combo attack which leads him to determine that Rimuru is not an evil being. As it turns out they are both pupils of the same instructor Hakurou. Later on, during dinner, Rimuru and the Dwarf King are having dinner together to which the Dwarf explains his actions. After the incident with the Orc Disaster, they needed to determine whether or not the monsters that defeated him were friend or foe.

Now that Gazel has determined that Rimuru's group are non-hostile he proposes an alliance between them. Simply put, Rimuru is in a position to take the Jura Forest, as such the nation that he builds on it will have resources that vastly outstrip his, to avoid making other nations who covet those resources his enemy Gazel proposes a mutually beneficial alliance. Unfortunately, they've managed to put the cart before the horse: Gazel has secured an alliance with Rimuru's nation but said nation doesn't even have a name yet.

After a bare minimum of debate between Rimuru and his subordinates the names, Jura Tempest Federation is decided for the new nation and the capital city known as Rimuru's Village, is named Rimuru.






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