The Great Clash (大激突 Dai Gekitotsu) is the thirteenth episode of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


Rimuru and the others make their way towards the Lizardmen tribe while Souei discovers their Head Guard fighting a bunch of Orcs, after saving whom, Rimuru established their alliance and immediately made their way into battle. While Gabiru was losing a one-on-one against an Orc General, Gobta, Ranga, and the Goblin Riders come to the rescue. As the Kijin and Ranga massacred many of the Orcs with powerful wide-range attacks and Souei rescues the Lizardman Chieftain, a furious Gelmud begins flying to the scene and Rimuru spots the Orc Lord, thus leading to the final battle.


Rimuru Tempest and his strike team consisting of Benimaru, Souei, Shion, Hakurou, and Gobta's and Ranga's Goblin Riders are charging into battle through the forest. Rigurd and the village's civilian population are standing by waiting to evacuate should they not hear back word on the group. Souei locates a member of the lizardman's guard fighting against a group of Orcs and on Rimuru's orders rescues her and slaughters the Orcs.

After she is healed she explains that the guard's brother, Gabiru has overthrown their father as chief of the village and is leading his own men in an offensive against the orcs. Abreast of the situation, and hit with Shion's inspiring confidence in them, Rimuru orders Souei to go with the one they rescued and free the chief and his followers while the rest of them go to rescue Gabiru and his men from the Orcs.

Gabiru and his army of Lizardmen and Goblins are clashing against the Orcs and are appearing to win thanks to their superior speed. Suddenly, however, after one of the Lizardmen are eaten by Orcs they suddenly pick up in speed and Gabiru realizes based on the Orcs newly webbed feet and suddenly scaly skin that they've somehow acquired his men's abilities. The now much faster and still stronger and more numerical Orcs surround the lizardmen and the Goblins.

Gabiru realizes that he and his men could flee, but their goblin allies aren't as fast as them and would end up eaten as well, thus Gabiru makes the decision to stall for time by fighting against the Orc General alone. Meanwhile, Gelmud and Laplace are discussing the success of their plot, however, they are interrupted by Treyni who attempts to kill both demons for their actions using a summoned spirit.

Instead, the two demons flee claiming to have already completed their goals. Though Gabiru fights nobly against the Orc he is defeated and nearly devoured, however, Gobta suddenly makes his appearance through Shadow Step along with Ranga to protect Gabiru's forces. Ranga and Benimaru unleash their area of effect attacks Black Flame and Death Storm while Hakurou and Shion cut into the chaos and eliminate the stragglers, thus beginning the massacre of the orc army.

Meanwhile, Souei has massacred the orcs that have taken control over the Lizardman's village and rescue the slack-jawed Lizardmen still there. He also takes the liberty of delivering a message to the demon responsible for his tribe's massacre through one of his puppets, by dicing that Orc to pieces. Through the chaos, air-born Rimuru spies the Orc Lord and flies over the rapidly dwindling army to confront him.

Meanwhile, Gelmud is also watching the battle through one of his crystal balls and realizes that if he doesn't do something to eliminate the new monsters then his plan will fail thus he also flies off to the battlefield, lest he displeases his Master.








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