An especially rare skill among Unique Skills which is wielded by those who possess the qualities to (possibly) become a Hero. Gazel Dwargo also possesses a skill that is reminiscent of The Chosen One. Its strength is considered reminiscent to Ultimate Skills, Absolute Severance, and Unlimited Imprisonment.


  • Hero's Aura: It's an aura that only heroes (eiyuu) are capable of exuding. Opponents who are weaker than them would be rendered motionless under the imposing aura. It is a skill that responds to only the Skill holder, a special aura of sorts.
  • Hero's Blessing: User experiences a great boost to their luck stat. Even a normal attack will become a critical strike*. This effect is also applied to party members. In addition, onlookers will remember all actions committed by the user (Chosen One), in a positive light.
  • Hero's Charisma: Onlookers who witness the actions of the hero will be inspired. Any sense of fear will be replaced by courage. In the end, they will be filled with confidence to fight alongside the user. Another effect is that anyone who the hero defeats will automatically become a follower, barring death of course. This effect also applies to sentient monsters.
  • Hero's Action: The user will become a role model for their companions, and will eventually earn the praise of everyone around themselves.

*Meaning Lethal, not akin to a Video Game's Critical Attack statistics.

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