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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Lord of Tempest「転生したらスライムだった件 ~魔国連邦創世記~, Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken ~Makoku Renpou Souseiki~」is a 2D turn-based role-playing and city-building game on iOS and Android. It generally follows the story of the actual series while the characters used to fight in battle are obtained using a gacha system.

Currently, this is the only available game of the series and has no announced English patch as of yet.


Battle Mechanics

Lord of Tempest follows an automatic turn-based battle system where the attacks are based on some sort of speed value*. The battles are broken into 'waves' of enemies, with each wave having 1 to 5 enemies to fight against. Similarly, the player can also bring up to 5 characters per battle.

As each character deals damage, a red bar* fills up which allows the player to unleash the character's respective special move. If the player so wishes, this can also be switched to be in automatic mode, however, in this case, the characters will use the special skill as soon as it is ready rather than waiting for a proper time.

The battles can also be toggled to speed up to twice the normal game speed in case of boredom or personal choice.

Home Base

The Goblin Village in Lord of Tempest.

Immediately after leaving the Sealed Cave, the player is released onto the pre-establishment of Tempest i.e. the Goblin Village. There the chibi sprites of various characters from the series roam about. Here, the player can build and upgrade buildings eventually leading to the growth and creation of the Monster Country Tempest.


Characters from the series are obtained using Magic Steel, the premium currency of the game, and range from 1-star rarity to 6-star rarity. If a rarer variant of the same character is obtained, the less rare character is erased, or is automatically converted into EXP for the rarer character.*

Correction. The only ways to get EXP for characters are from clearing a stage with the said characters or training them using silver coins. If you got a higher rarity of a certain character, the lower one will stay there forever unless you sell them.

And when you get exactly the same unit, you get Magical Item (we call them Skill Fruits) to make characters with the same class learn a new skill, or raising the skill level if the character have learned that skill. (Note that this skill fruit only applied to Green Skills)

Also, from getting the same unit for certain amounts (limit break), you can unlock their EX Skill (Yellow skill). Each rarity has different copies needed to unlock EX level 1 to 3. For example, 6* units need +1 for EX1, +3 for EX2, and +9 for EX3. Whereas 5* units need +3 for EX1, +10 for EX2, and +20 for EX3.



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