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1.5 Million Downloads

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: ISEKAI Memories (転生したらスライムだった件 魔王と竜の建国譚 Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken: Maō to Ryū no Kenkoku-tan?) is a 3D battle RPG. This game is developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., WFS. The game features an opening theme song titled "Phantom Lights" performed by Takuma Terashima and animated Eight Bit. The game's "genre" is the "Nation Building 3D Battle RPG" (異世界最強体験× 建国 × 3DバトルRPG?) This game is free and available on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store. Check out the FAQ by the developers of the game: here. The game was officially released on October 27, 2021; was available to be played the following day.[1] On November 17, 2021, the game officially reached 1.5 million downloads globally.[2]


The main story follows that of the anime.

Original Story

Aside from that, there are original stories made specifically for the game under the supervision of the original author, Fuse.

  1. On the way to Dwargon, Rimuru looks at his reflection in a puddle and finds himself transported to a different place. He is then confronted by a different Gobta & Ranga. Gobta's counterpart, named Vajra, had evolved into a lightning ogre after absorbing black lightning from the dire wolves while Ranga's counterpart had evolved into a Guitar Wolf after absorbing the power of sticky thread & steel thread. Initially confused, Rimuru fights and defeats the two. He considers absorbing them to analyze them, but the two are called back by an unknown entity. Rimuru is then ejected out of the mirror world and he is unable to remember the events.

  2. After absorbing Shizu, Rimuru looks in a puddle and finds himself transported back to the time Ifrit escaped Shizu. Rimuru suddenly remembered the last time he was transported and Great Sage deduces that he can only retain his memories of the mirror world while inside of it. Rimuru approaches Shizu, who tells him to stay away, but Ifrit, having taken a new form is escapes Shizu. Realizing that another Shizu still exists inside of Rimru, Ifrit attacks him, revealing that he can now manipulate both fire and ice, now known as Jinfrit. Rimuru manages to defeat him, but before he can absorb Jinfrit, the demon is called away and retreats. Rimuru then finds himself back in tempest, forgetting the events that just transpired, meanwhile, a hood figure observed Rimuru through a puddle.

  3. An alternate version of Shion is shown after the destruction of the ogre village by the orcs. She converses with a hooded figure through a puddle of water who convinces her go give up her heart to increase her power.
    Meanwhile Rimuru, Shion & Shuna are standing in front of a mirror (Shion & Shuna are trying to make Rumuru wear dresses) when they are pulled into the mirror world. Rimruru wonders how Shion and Shuna came with him that time, but they are confronted by a different Shion, who introduces herself as Dodomeki and antagonizes the group. A woman then appears and introduces herself as the witch Izis. she then goes on to explain the nature of the mirror world, a place based on people's ideas of the strongest versions of themselves. The witch then reveals that her actions have been motivated by an interest in Rimuru and orders Dodomeki to attack him. Shion defends Rimuru, but Dodomeki mock Shion & Shuna for becoming subordinate to a slime while the orcs are still alive. Shuna attack her but, Dodomeki keeps regenerating, revealing that her body contains the souls from all the deceased ogres. and fights the two kijin. Dodomeki is powerful enough that Rimuru decides it would be best for Shion & Shuna to retreat, but Izis erects a barrier of mirrors to stop them. Dodomeki then fires off her Might Soul Glare attack, which reflects off the mirrors and hits Rimuru. Rimuru decides to defeat Izis while Shuna restarts her fight with Dodomeki, but before they can continue, they are interrupted by a pink slime which then proceeds use predator on Dodomeki. Everyone is confused, however, Rimuru's group is suddenly transported back to Tempest and are left unable to remember the events.

  4. Gabiru faces down the Orc Lord Gabiru realizes he will lose if things continue. Izis's voice comes out of the vortex Spear and convinces him to assimilate with the spear to increase his power.
    Rimuru Shuna and Gobta are pulled back into the mirror world while inspecting the city's aqueducts. They are surprised to see and alternate version of Gabiru easily dispatch an Orc general. Great sage informs Rimuru that this version of Gabiru had assimilated the vortex spear to mutate into a Dragonspear. this Gabiru, now named Trishula challenges Rimuru, seeing no need for two rulers in the Great forest. Trishula then stabs the ground, freezing it and the surrounding magicules, restricting some of Rimuru's skills. The two begin to fight and Rimuru notices that all of Trishula's attacks are piercing through his defenses. Great Sage points out that Trishula's unique skill, Helix adds a piercing attribute to all his attack. Trishula brags, but Rimuru point out that while Gabiru might be weaker, he has people who support him and is a survivor. The two continue to fight and Rimuru comes out victorious, however Trishula refuses to admit defeat, unwilling to betray the expectations of those around him. The pink slime from before suddenly returns and uses predator on Trishula. After confirming Rimuru's identity, the slime tackles him, calling him her "Daddy" and throwing them out of the mirror, and surprising Izis with her strength.
    Rimuru, Shuna and Gobta return to Tempest with their only memories of the even being a feeling of tiredness. Souei then appears to tell Rimuru of a guest, causing the group to return to town. Once there the pink slime from earlier is present and Rimuru says that hes never met another slime before. The slime realizes that Rimuru doesn't remember what happens in the mirror and calls Rimuru "Daddy" much to his shock. She then introduced herself as Shinsha, Rimuru's daughter, much to everyone's shock. Great Sage notes that Shinsha's magicules are very similar to Rimuru's but it cant give a detailed analysis. Shinsha then transformed into her human form to show the similarities between the two. Rimuru, still confused, questions her and Shinsha reveals that she also has Black Flame. Rimuru tries to restrain her using Sticky Thread, but she uses her own sticky through to counter him. she then creates a hand out of steel threats to capture him. Benimaru tries to step in, but she stops him with Black Lightning, having it travel through the steel threads to create an electromagnet. Shinsha reveals that she spent a lot of time figuring out how to catch Rimuru and she decided to combine multiple skills into her Handshake of Purgatory. Rimuru & Great Sage try to devise a strategy, but before they can come up with one, Shinsha states that she will take him back into the mirror with her. Rimuru asks about there and Shinsha admits that it is lonely. Rimuru, having escape with a combination of shadow movement along with water & potions tells her she can live in Tempest. Shinsha leaves, telling Rimuru she will catch him again.


The game's main gameplay comes in 5 parts.

Establishing Tempest

Players are able to build their own version of Tempest using the game's Nation-Building System, building villages into towns and towns into cities as you progress the story. Players can interact with other characters in towns as well.


The game recreates the characters of the series in 3D graphics. characters can pull off various skills and finishing moves from the original series.

Predator Quests

In special Predator quests, players will be able to use their Predation skill to devour enemies unlike in standard quests, allowing players to acquire and improve their characters' skills!

Player Support

Great Sage, who aids the Rimuru in the original story, acts as the main method of player support, helping the player along their quest.


The game also includes a feature allowing players to interact with other characters in voiced conversations, give them gifts such as food and make friends with them in-game.

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