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This page lists all official names of characters, locations, skills spells and other tidbits used in the series. These will be used to standardize names on this wiki. The names are listed chronologically based on the light novels, followed by the manga, anime and other media.


  • This page is still a work-in-progress. All names and wiki articles are subject to change without notice. As such, this will only serve as a guideline and will not be heavily enforced (yet).
  • This page is largely maintained by BrainDeadZero, who is not always active. As such, this page may not be up-to-date. You may add updates to this guide on the talk page, which will later be added by BrainDeadZero or another admin.
  • The talk page may also be used to discuss any issues with this page or the official translations.

Official Sources

The light novels are translated by Yen Press. The manga is translated by Kodansha USA. Crunchyroll translated the anime, and Funimation dubbed it. These will be regarded as the official translations. In cases where there is a naming conflict between the translated media, the light novel translations should be used, unless otherwise stated.

The web novels were not officially translated in English. Naming from the web novels should generally be avoided unless there is no official alternatives. This also applies to other fan-translated media.

Series title

The series title Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (転生したらスライムだった件) is officially translated as That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Japanese raw uses Regarding Reincarnated to Slime). This title is used for the light novels, manga and anime. The title is often abbreviated as TenSura (転スラ Ten Sura).

Side-stories and spin-offs currently have no official translations. Below are the recommended titles to use when on the wiki. Due to the length of the series title, the shortened version is usually preferred.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken: Mamono no Arukikata (転生したらスライムだった件~魔物の国の歩き方~) can be shortened to Mamono no Kuni no Arukikata (魔物の国の歩き方), which translates to:

Tensura Nikki Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (転スラ日記 転生したらスライムだった件) is often shortened to TenSura Nikki (転スラ日記), which can be translated as Reincarnated Slime Diary.[† 2]

Tensei Shitara Shachiku Datta Ken (転生しても社畜だった件) is another spin-off manga. It can be translated to That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Corporate Slave.

Tensei shitara Slime datta Ken Ibun: Makuni Kurashi no Trinity (転生したらスライムだった件 異聞 ~魔国暮らしのトリニティ~) is yet another spin-off. It can be shortened to Ibun: Makuni Kurashi no Trinity (異聞 ~魔国暮らしのトリニティ~), which translates to Another Story: Trinity of the Magic Kingdom.

Character names

Light Novel Manga Others
Satoru Mikami [1][2]
Tamura [1][2]
Miho Sawatari [1][2]
Rimuru Tempest [3][2]
Veldora Tempest [3][2] Verudora
Shizue Izawa [4]
Leon Cromwell [4]
Fuze [3]
Veryard [3] Belyard
Rigurd [5] Rigurdo
Rigur [5] Riguru
Ranga [5]
Gobta [5] Gobuta
Gelmud Gelmudo
Kaido [6] Kaidou
Kaijin [6]
Garm [6]
Dold [6] Dord Doldo, Dorudo
Mildo [6] Mild
Vester [6] Vesta Bester
Gazel Dwargo [6] Gazelle Dwargo
Rugurd [7] Rugurdo
Regurd [7] Regurdo
Rogurd [7] Rogurdo
Lilina [7] Ririna
Kabal [7] Kaval Cabal
Gido [7] Gid
Elen Eren Elyune, Eryune, Ellen
Ifrit Efreet
Hinata Sakaguchi
Yuuki Kagurazaka
Geld (Orc Disaster) Gerudo
Hakuro Hakurou
Soei Souei
Kurobe Kurobei Kurobee
Gabil Gabiru
Treyni Trainee
Abil Abiru
Carillon Carrion Karion
Milim Nava
Nidol Migam Nidole Maigam
Yohm Youm Youmu
Mjurran Myulan
Teare Tear
Traya Trya Toraia
Alvis Arubis
Sufia Sphia
Gruecith Grucius
Koby Coby
Thegis Jiggis
Kenya Misaki
Ryota Sekiguchi Ryouta Sekiguchi
Gail Gibson Gale Gibson
Alice Rondo
Chloe Aubert Chloe O’Bell
Gard Mjöllmile Garde-Myourmiles
Elemental Colossus Spirit Protector Colossus


Light Novel Manga Others
Direwolf Fanged Wolf
Hobgoblin / Goblina
Tempest Wolf Storm Fanged Wolf
Tempest Starwolf Tempest Star Wolf Storm Star Wolf
Ogre mages Kijin Oni
Orc Lord
Orc Disaster
Star Wolf

Skills, Spells & Abilities

Light Novel Manga Others
Resist Heat
Resist Piercing Weapon
Resist Melee Attack
Cancel Pain
Resist Cold
Resist Temperature Thermal Fluctuation Resistance
Resist Electricity
Great Sage
Water Pressure Propulsion Hydraulic Propulsion
Magic Sense Magic Perception
Unlimited Imprisonment Infinite Prison
Current Movement Water Current Control
Water Blade
Water Control Water Manipulation
Control Flame Fire Manipulation
Cancel Flame Attack Flame Attack Nullification
Deviant Degenerate Shapeshifter
Intrinsic Skills Species specific skills
Dark Lightning Black Lightning
Icicle Lance
Flare Circle
Replication Body Double Cloning
Flame Transform Fire State
Ranged Barrier Area Barrier Barrier
Dark Flame Black Flame
Cancel Temperature Thermal Fluctuation Nullification
Control Particles Molecular Manipulation
Dark Thunder Black Thunder
Multilayer Barrier Multiple Barrier
Universal Shapeshift
Ogre Flame
Shadow Motion Shadow Movement
Sense Soundwave
Resist Poison Poison Resistance
Ravenous Starved Starving Ones
Hellflare Hell Flare
Control Wind
Deathstorm Death Storm (skill)
Clean Wash
Demonwire Bind
Panther Fang Explosive Chop Leopard Fang Flaming Palm

Locations & Organizations

Light Novel Manga Others
Sealed Cave Cave of the Seal
Forest of Jura Jura Forest
Blumund Brumund Kingdom
Free Guild Freedom Association
Englesia Ingracia Kingdom
Western Holy Church Western Saints Church
The Armed Nation of Dwargon The Armament Nation Dwargon
Lake Sisu Lake Shiss
Great Forest of Jura Alliance The Jura Forest Alliance Great Jura Forest Coalition
Jura-Tempest Federation Jura Tempest Federation Tempest
The Kingdom of Farmus The Kingdom of Falmuth Farmas Kingdom
Beast Kingdom of Eurazania Animal Kingdom Eurazania Yuurazania

Other terms

Light Novel Manga Others
Magic-born Majin Devil
Otherworlders World Travelers

Ranks (EP Estimation and Battle Prowess) 

Insanely Unrankable: They are more powerful than your average unrankable character since they possess Stardust the densest Energy and Turn Null (Nihility/Nothingness) the power that said to rival the [[Stardust Stardust] the Densest Energy. They possess the power to create (Stardust/Everythingness) and Destroy (Nihility/Nothingness) anything and everything at will.

Unrankable: They are transcended existence that transcends the limit of the world. That possess the power enough to destroy the world. They possess Magicule Breeder Reactor that can Produce infinite magicule energy that holds the power of Stardust, the densest energy.

Special S (SS) Rank: They are the Pinnacle Existence that very powerful enough to destroy Countries Alone. That Possess EP: 5,000,000 at least. And the strongest of them are the True Dragons.

S Rank

Special A Rank

A+ Rank

A Rank

A- Rank


  1. Starting from Manga Volume 4, Shō Okagiri provided bonus illustrations at the end of every volume. Kodansha USA translated the series title as "A Travel Guide to the Land of Monsters".
  2. Shiba provided a bonus illustration in Manga Volume 8. Kodansha USA translated the title as "Reincarnated Slime Diary".


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