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This page is a list of guidelines for images on the wiki and is meant to help new users understand the standards of this wiki. Please note that this list is meant to be used more as a guide than a rule book, as this page only lists tips based on mistakes that have already been made on the wiki and thus it may not cover all possible issues with images. Even if the guideline does not include a mention of a specific issue, the image may still be edited/removed from articles/deleted if necessary.

Please take the time to read the guidelines below, as any and all images uploaded after the creation of this page that do not meet the requirements of this wiki may be deleted with or without warning.

Uploaders of images, which do not meet the wiki's standards, except for cases where the issues are related to the file name, are given 24 hours to correct the issues with their images before they are deleted. An image that does not meet the standards of the wiki CANNOT be used on articles. All such edits will be undone/reverted. Repeated offenses may result in warnings or administrative action.

Short Version

  • Official images must be properly sourced and categorized according to the source.
  • All images must be properly licensed very important
  • Images should be properly named and uploaded in the proper format.
  • Unofficial images are only allowed on personal pages. Unused unofficial images will be deleted.
  • Duplicates or images of scenes that take places within seconds of each other should not be uploaded.
  • Images should be placed where they are relevant, but should not obstruct navigation or make the page look unaesthetic.
  • All images put in infobox must be high-quality (PNG will be preferred of high-quality JPG) images

Full Version

Before uploading an image, please check Special:Images to see if the image that you want to upload is already on the wiki. All images are categorized by source, so finding duplicates should not be hard and we do not need repeats.

If you have confirmed that the image is not present on the wiki, then the following guidelines depend on whether the image you want to upload is an official image or fanart/unofficial image.

Image Naming

  • Official images:
    • Light Novel Images - They should be named as such:
      • LN Covers:
        JP - LN Vol <volume number> JP.<png> or <jpg> i.e LN Vol 5 JP.png
        ENG - LN Vol <volume number> EN/ENG.<png> or <jpg> i.e LN Vol 5 ENG.png
      • LN Illustrations -
        LN <volume number> <no. of illu>.<png> or <jpg> i.e LN 05 05.jpg
    • Manga images:
      • Manga Volumes:
        JP - Manga Vol/Volume <volume number> JP.<png> or <jpg> i.e Manga Vol 5 JP.png
        ENG - Manga Vol/Volume <volume number> EN/ENG.<png> or <jpg> i.e Manga Vol/Volume 5 ENG.png
      • Manga Chapters :
        Chap <chapter number>.jpg i.e Chap 73.jpg
        (Raws only or the text must have been erased)
    • Anime Images
      • Episode covers:
         Episode <episode number>.png i.e Episode 23.png while for OAD/OVA: OVA <ova number>.png i.e OVA 4.png
        (Episode covers must be in png)
      • Episode images:
         Tensura <episode number> <no. of image>.jpg i.e Tensura 20 04.jpg while for OAD/OVA Tensura OAD <OAD number> <no. of image>.jpg i.e Tensura 0AD 01 03.jpg
        (Images must be 1280x720 and must be in jpg)
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