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The Discord Procedures are protocols that all users must follow to have every privilege that normal users have. The procedures also list additional information about the discord server. This server is used chat about the series, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime mainly.

Joining The Server

The following shows how to properly get into the server without issue:

  1. Join the server by following this link. However, if you don't have a discord account, please do make one.
  2. Read the #rules-and-info channel for rules and any other information.
  3. Verify yourself as it says in the #verification channel.


  • Rule #1 - No spamming of any kind.

Please do not spam on the server, and just for reference, spam could be, and is not limited to, pings, repeated phrases, or a large number of messages sent in a short amount of time.

  • Rule #2 - No forms of harassment.

Any form of harassment/discrimination is not allowed on the server. We do not want this kind of behaviour on our server. If you ever feel like you are being harassed or bullied, please contact a staff member, we will try our best to resolve the issue to the best of our ability.

  • Rule #3 - No advertising without permission.

We do not want advertising to happen on the server without asking an Admin first. For things such as server invites and donation links, please ask for approval from a staff member, this is so we can keep track of who is posting what, where, to gain what. Just be sure to ask us first.

  • Rule #4 - Don't talk about spoilers outside of the spoiler channels.

Spoilers should be kept in their respective channels. Please refrain from posting spoilers outside of these channels.

  • Rule #5 - Keep lewd content in the #lewd channel.

We don't want our co workers to see something that you shouldn't be viewing in the middle of the office, or our teachers to see some very lewd images at school, so we ask that you keep this material in its respective channel, so it can only be accessed when the viewer is in a situation where he can safely.

  • Rule #6 - Follow Discord ToS

This one should be obvious, don't do something dumb.

And finally, even though this isn't really a rule, please accept Staff judgement. We have the final say on anything related to these rules, or anything else that may happen. We have given people this privilege for a reason, and it is crucial that you listen and respect them so they may do their job.(edited)

- Your name colour is based on which role you currently have. - In order to obtain a role add a reaction to the role you would like.

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