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Note: - Done Done means the task has been completed

Don't know how to start contributing? If you don't have any idea on editing, start off by visiting the Manual of Style page.

The Manual of Style Page gives you the idea of editing, and it allows you to know what style this wiki uses.

After that, you could check this list, select articles that are in need of help and start contributing!


To-do list

  • Delete images with poor filenames and no proper licensing Done Done
  • Delete pages with little or no information (spam pages)Done Done
  • Grammar spelling and check-up in all articles
  • Creation of manga chapters Done Done
  • Proof-reading every article till it's high-quality Done managed by Toji-san
  • Organizing all character's galleries with proper images.
  • Adding interlanguage wiki links to articles Done managed by BrainDeadZero & Checked by Au ggmen
  • Updating featured articles, latest episodes and countdown timer. X mark.svg being done by SpectraXCD and Toji-san

Chat moderator

  • Proof reading chats and to make sure the Chat Rules are followed. Done Done by Au ggmen

Autoconfirmed users

  • Supplying high quality images to articles without images.Done managed by Aestrol30
  • Adding more information to stubbed articles Would Be Considered.png being done by SpectraXCD and Bloodstain -
  • Proper referencing of all articles
  • Addition of proper images to galleries
  • Creation of manga chapters with summaries Would Be Considered.png being done by SpectraXCD -