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The Ten Lords of the Labyrinth are the strongest individuals and floor bosses of the Labyrinth Dungeon in the Labyrinth City of Tempest.

Ramiris' Labyrinth has over 100 Floors with every 10th floor having their own individual Bosses. However, floors 96, 97, 98, and 99 too have Bosses namely "The 4 True Dragon Kings" named by Ramiris' herself although the energy required & the names of the individual Dragons were given by Rimuru.

The Bosses are:

  • Overseer of the Lords of the Labyrinth, Zegion
  • 100th Floor Boss, Veldora
  • 99th Floor Boss, Zephyrus
  • 98th  Floor Boss, Boreas
  • 97th Floor Boss, Notos
  • 96th Floor Boss, Euros
  • 90th Floor Boss, Kumara.
  • 80th Floor Boss, Apito
  • 70th Floor Boss, Adalman
  • 60th Floor Boss, Gadra
    • Formerly, Demon Golem (Demon Lord Protector Colossus)
  • 50th Floor Bosses, Gozu and Mezu
    • Also, 30th Floor Bosses with restraints


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