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Used to mark an entire page for maintenance. When using this template, it needs to have the type specified, and please decide the appropriate message. It is to be placed at the top of the article.
Syntax and Usage
Type {{Notice|<1>}}, where 1 is equal to one of the following:
See also: Template:Citation needed
Used for pages with no references or very few citations. It also categorizes the article in Category:Citations needed. Type:
The result...
This article does not contain any in-line citations, or is in need of additional citations.
Please help improve this page by fixing or adding more citations. Once enough sufficient citations have been added to this page, this message will be removed.
Used on pages needing to be heavily revised. Categorizes the article in Category:Articles needing cleanup. Type:
The result...
This article may require a cleanup to meet the wiki's quality standards.
Please revise this page to fix any grammatical errors, poor wording, formatting and other issues.
Used for pages with image problems. Categorizes the article in Category:Articles with image problems. Type:
The result...
This article does not have an image, or lacks a good quality image. Please upload and add the image to this article to improve its quality.
Used for stubbed articles. Categorizes the article in Category:Article stubs. Type:
The result...
This article lacks information and requires expansion. Please expand this page to include missing information to help improve the article.
Used for articles describing upcoming content. Categorizes the article in Category:Articles that contains upcoming information. Type:
The result...
This article contains information about upcoming events, and all of its content is subject to change. Additional information will be added as it becomes available.
This template was based on w:c:5hanayome:Template:Notice. It has been modified for use on Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken Wiki.

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