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This template is used to make an infobox for books (i.e. novels and manga).
{{infobox book
 |title = (Defaults to page name)
 |image = 
 |caption = Optional caption
 |author = 
 |cover = 
 |arc = 
 |pages = 
 |release = 
 |publisher = 
 |isbn = 
 |previous = 
 |next = 
Sample output
Type the following:
{{infobox book
 |title = Title
 |image = Example.jpg
 |caption = Example caption
 |author = Author
 |cover = Cover characters
 |arc = Arc
 |pages = Pages
 |release = Release
 |publisher = Publisher
 |isbn = Int'l Standard Book Number
 |previous = Prev
 |next = Next
to see the infobox shown on the right:

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