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Tempest Wolves (嵐牙狼族(テンペストウルフ) tenpesutourufu, lit. "Storm Fang Wolf Tribe) are one of the evolved forms of Direwolves, adopting the "storm" element.


When Rimuru gave Ranga a name, it triggered a piece of Demon Essence. Unlike his father, Ranga believes in the concept of "All for One." As a result, his fellow wolves also evolved into Tempest Wolves.

Direwolves are not really supposed to evolve toward the "storm" element in the first place—that was just a side effect of the name Rimuru gave out.[1]


Tempest Wolves have jet black fur, which gives a feeling of bewitching gloss and a glossy finish. The storm element gave the wolf pack an ever-so-slight purplish shine to their black color.


They are fast and don't show any fatigue. They can run for 3 hours at 80 km/h without taking a break.


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