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Tear (ティア Tia) is a Demon Lord class individual and was a loyal subordinate of Demon Lord Kazaream until his death. She now works for The Great Demon Lord Rimuru with Laplace.


She has a short stature and she wears a mask of a crying clown. Her hair is tied in magenta pigtails with two red horns protruding out of her forehead.


Despite wearing a crying mask, Tear seems to be the most playful out of the Moderate Clown Troupe. Even despite being in the most serious altercations, Tear always keeps her playful humor. Her ideal is doing what she is told without thinking about anything else.


She was first seen and introduced as working under Demon Lord Clayman to investigate Demon Lord Frey and discovered that she was worried about Charybdis's resurrection.

She shows up again soon together with Footman to convince Phobio to control Charybdis and use its power to get back at Milim.

After the event of Tenma Great War Arc, she now works under Rimuru together with Laplace. She works secretly for Rimuru under Laplace as a member of the Air Pirate Greed Circus. A group that terrorizes flights to dissuade other nations from developing aircraft technology to use for war. Both her and Laplace report to Souei under the Intelligence Department.


Unique Skill

The Ignorant (Optimist)』: All of her abilities will increase only when she receives an order.


  • Tear is afraid of Diablo.
  • She loves sad things.
  • Her favorite food is Tears.