Also known as First Lieutenant Kondou, his age did not match his appearance.


He had trimmed short black hair, he also emitted a tense atmosphere.

He had expressionless eyes gleaming with a sharp light that could see through everything.

A young man. His youthfulness could be seen as he still in his early 20's.

He is dressed in a former Japan Empire military uniform.


Not a man who expressed his thoughts to others, no gentle light in his eyes and possessed a cunning intellect.

He shares a similar Trait with Yuuki Kagurazaka they both hide deep darkness inside their heart and they have the same cold calculative attitude.


After the fake Kondou is created by Velda's memory orbs, his power becomes around 10x that of a True Demon Lord.

Ultimate Skills

Unique Skills

  • Reader: Read the target's mind through physical contact.


A Set of God Class Armor and God Class Handgun.
He had an arsenal of different types of bullets that he can use with his handgun, and he can combine the abilities of these bullets.

  • Judgment Bullet: Mach 100 bullets - shoots a bullet so fast it cannot be dodged by ordinary means and packs his strongest attack and can only be used a day.
  • Eraser Bullet: Disintegrates the target into nothing.
  • Necrosis Bullet: Magic Channel Destroying Bullets - Destroys the magic channels within the target preventing them from using magic. This was a bullet that could even kill dragons. Even the undying attributes of the undead would have their magic circuits destroyed by the cursed agents and ultimately result in death-by-destruction.
  • Remove Bullet: a bullet that destroys magic barriers or curse type defenses.



Clash of the Dragon and Demon Arc

Using a combination of Judgement Bullet with Necrosis and Remove Bullet Kondou was able to change the course of their battle by allowing the Emperor's Ultimate Ability to take possession of Veldora and destroying his magic channels, thus rendering him as the Emperor's puppet to be used against Guy Crimson.

However, at the onset of Veldora's channels being destroyed and feeling his Soul Corridor being detached, Rimuru grasped his chest in a great amount of pain and for the first time ever became angered to the point where he couldn't think and threatened to kill them all and left for Veldora's position.

Now, with the appearance of Rimuru and a slew of demons he battled with Carrera. They were on equal terms. And the battle between both caused a great amount of damage. Unable to use any more mana it became a battle with fists. Then as a last resort, he pulled all his remaining mana into his God Tier Gun. But unexpectedly out of nowhere, he was attacked from behind by an unknown foe that simultaneously blasted Carrera. Now on the ground bleeding to death, his heart was removed and devoured by this new foe. As he lay dying he looked upon his life and was disgusted he couldn't help his friend the emperor and with his last dying breath wished for Carrera to take his gun, his soul, his everything to attain his final goal. Upon her acceptance, he burst into light and was absorbed by Carrera.

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