Tales: Veldora's Journal (閑話:ヴェルドラ日記 kanwa: verudora nikki) is a special episode summarizing the first season of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


An extra episode recapping the entire season while Veldora plays Shogi with Ifirt inside Rimuru.


Rimuru declares to Ifrit that while it is true that he underestimated him, Ifrit underestimated him more. Saying that Rimuru uses Predator to swallow Ifrit whole. Inside of Rimuru's stomach, Veldora reveals himself to the flame spirit explaining that while Rimuru intended to isolate them Veldora has dragged him into this space to serve as his opponent until he gets bored.

Thus Veldora sits a confused and terrified Ifrit down for a game of Shogi and explains the rules to him. As the two play, Veldora explains his life story to Ifrit. 300 years ago a mischievous Veldora rampaged in a kingdom forcing a Hero to come and stop him. When he let his guard down he was trapped with Unlimited Imprisonment. Ifrit feels a little sorry for the dragon, causing him to fly off into a tsundere rant.

Skipping to the important part, Veldora explains when Rimuru first appeared before him he simply started talking to him in order to practice speaking, though he was afraid that he'd scare Rimuru off. Instead, the two hit things off quite nicely and after talking for a while Rimuru asked to eat Veldora to try and breach the Infinite prison, hence why he's inside of the slime's Stomach with Ifrit.

Thus Ifrit begins telling his life story. A worshiper of the Demon Lord Leon, he was bound to the body of a young girl the Leon summoned, Shizue, to save her life. However, because he worships Leon and Shizue don't they had bad compatibility. At that point, Ifrit senses Shizue's passing, though Veldora is confident that Rimuru will answer her final wishes.

Having summarized their situations Ifrit wonders if Veldora should be playing Shogi with him while trying to break down Infinite Prison, though Veldora claims he can multi-task, that said he missed the scene where Rimuru learned how to take human form. A few months have passed and the two are still playing Shogi, this time while discussing the appearance of the Orc Lord, Milim, and Charybdis.

Still, it's not all hectic, as Rimuru has founded Jura Tempest Federation and the number of his subordinates/friends has dramatically increased, largely because he takes in everyone without exception. While discussing how Rimuru learned how to build his town the two realizes that he's traveled to the Kingdom of Ingrassia to answer Shizue's final wishes. While Rimuru meets with Yuuki Ifrit mentions Hinata Sakaguchi and describes her as like a beast with no match.

He's also noticed that Rimuru has given Yuuki his supply of Manga, or as he calls them the sacred text of which Veldora has been quite absorbed in himself and recommends them to Ifrit. The two watch as the children summon spirits to stabilize their bodies, something that Rimuru thought of doing after thinking about Shizue and Veldora and Ifrit cheers them on. While Veldora was distracted, Ifrit puts him into check, at which point in time Veldora promotes his King to the emperor, which can move twice.

Ifrit, however, is not buying Veldora's excuses as his piece was clearly in check so instead, Veldora hides his loss behind laughter and song. As Rimuru is traveling back to his home the pair notice that he is being followed.




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