A Summoned One (召喚者 shōkansha, lit. "Summon") refers to those who have been summoned from another world.


For the summoned ones, there exist very few forces capable of summoning them because it requires very definite circumstances to be prepared as to allow one to summon a person with powerful abilities, especially those whose will is exceptionally strong. The necessary conditions for a proper summoning are as follows:

  • The success rate of the ritual with thirty magicians chanting summoning magic over a period of three days is less than 0.03%.
  • The magicians who has just cast summoning magic will be unable to cast it again for a set interval. 
  • The cooldown period ranges from 33-88 years, the time during this period is used to prepare a suitable environment to increase the success rate of the summoning.

However, if the summoning were to be conducted under incomplete conditions, it can be done continuously. But the downside of improper summons such as these usually results in children being forcefully summoned with abundant magic infused into them as a result.

Unlike the World Travelers who are guaranteed to possess a unique skill, the summoned one's rate of success of gaining a unique skill is relatively low, with a curse carved into their souls in the bargain. The rampaging magical energy of the curse within will cause their bodies to implode, fried alive by the very power they possess. The recorded lifespan of those improperly summoned without a unique skill is three years. Therefore, unless a unique skill is obtained, death is certain.


The Western Saints Church is constantly seeking new hope, a new power. The wish of all humans-light, Humanity's Messiah, in other words, a "Hero." In their endless effort to obtain a Hero, the summoners are not bothered by the loss and calmly summon more. The cruel fate of the summoned "failures" are unable to dissuade the summoners, and the summoners pay them no mind as they continue to summon more since they can as they believe that their horrible actions are all for the greater good.

List of known Summoned Ones

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