Starved (飢餓者(ウエルモノ) uerumono) is Orc Disaster Geld's Unique Skill.

Rimuru absorbed this Skill after defeating Orc Disaster Geld and integrated it with Unique Skill Predator which evolved into Unique Skill Gluttony.



  • It allows the user to bestow the effects of the Skill upon his subordinates which allows them to eat anything and everything in sight in exchange for a constant feeling of starvation. The ones under the Skill's effects develop a sense of collectivism that also enables those under its effects to share their gains and improvements remotely, similar to the link of the Direwolves. Although they cannot not obtain all the abilities of those they eat, they can still acquire some of their special features.
  • This ability also allows the user to devour himself and others to enhance the Skill "Self-Regeneration."
  • The strength of the users rises the hungrier they are. It also increases when the user eats a being with high energy levels or power.


  • Chaos Eater: It corrodes everything it touches, using the user's essence. Its effect is corroding and decomposing every material it comes in contact with. When the resistance of the target fails to resist the corrosion, the target will most likely perish. These effects are not limited to just physical damage and even affect the targets' spiritual body to an extent, which can break the spirit of the target, turning them into a "vegetable" mentally, even if they resist physical attacks or possess strong regenerative powers, however that spiritual aspect seems rather limited as Rimuru was able to withstand it for hours and even ended up gaining Corrosion Nullification in the meantime.
    • In the case of the Orc Disaster, this ability was also granted to his immediate second in commands, the Orc Generals. Geld I's successor, Geld II could still use Chaos Eater even after the Orc Disaster perished.
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