A golem made of magic steel, with a height of 3 meters. It had a massive figure. Perhaps its weight is about 30 metric tons. If someone receives its physical attack they will receive tremendous damage. Its movement are as fast as a master swordsman. With its speed and its weight. If it hits, it definitely will cause more disastrous damage than a traffic accident.

Given that is made of magic steel lightning, water, and fire attacks almost ineffective. Also, slicing it with a sword is out of the question. Even if it possible to cut it, the sword might break.

Hence it had the highest hardness, yet was agile, and few weaknesses, quite the troublesome opponent.

It was very efficient. Earth spirits manipulated the weight, water spirits moved each individual joint, fire spirits provided its power, wind spirits regulated the temperature. Combination of many chemical elements. It was the epitome of the genius of the Ghost Researchers.

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