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In nothingness, power finds its fill, which is a holy spirit. The great holy spirit is the source of power. Among these, Light and Darkness, the two great spirits who came to exist at the same moment as the world. But, the world was without form, an ephemeral existence. Light and Shadow, Darkness and the Light; two existences that shall never interweave.

One day, the great spirit Time was born, the child of Light and Darkness. And thus the world began to move. The moving world spun, without purpose, around itself. Inside the flowing currents of life and death. Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Sky; these five great spirits were born. And since then, these were the great eight spirits.

Until the light consumes the world, erasing darkness. Until a new spirit is born, erasing all. Life and death, heralding the coming end of the world.

In other words, first, the holy spirit had existed, and it gave birth to the other eight. Great spirits did not have egos, they were masses of energy.

Sentient spirits are few in number and are called high-rank spirits.

The Fire Spirit was just an excess fragment of the entire mass. Like a monster, this fragment gained self-awareness. And this self-aware fragment of pure energy thus became a monster.

Generally, light and darkness spirits have the highest social standing and are the highest grade of spirits.

List of Great Spirits:

The Holy Spirit (It should be Veldanava since he created the world but it's unconfirmed and likely to be a completely Different Entity.

The Great Spirit of Light

The Great Spirit of Darkness

The Great Spirit of Time

The Great Spirit of Earth

The Great Spirit of Water

The Great Spirit of Fire

The Great Spirit of Wind

The Great Spirit of Sky

Other Great Spirits (Different World):

The Great Spirit in Other World Arc (The Great Spirit in Other World Arc that sleeping in the planet. And Ramiris awakens it.)

Monster Spirit The Great Spirit of Species

The highest tier form of evolution that can be acquired when one transcends the physical limitations of the body, gifting the user greater strength and defense and direct control over the elements.

The second is the upper-tier form. Similar Evolution compared to the highest tier, gifting the user a stronger body and great power as well the defense and direct control over elements but albeit weaker.

The Middle tier is weaker in comparison to the first two, but still possesses great power and direct control over the elements.

Highest tier Divine Monster Spirit:

True Dragon





Ultimate Slime

-Rimuru Tempest



Highest Tier Demonic Spirit:

Demon God


Upper-Tier Divine Monster Spirit:

Flame Spirit Oni


Wind Spirit Wolf


Earth Spirit Beast


Water Spirit Insect 


Chaos Metalloid (High-Rank Divine Monster Spirit)


Higher tier Holy-Evil Spirit

War Spirit Oni


Middle tier Divine Monster Spirit:

Dark Spirit Oni


Death Spirit 


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