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Sphia is one of three of Karion's Beastmen Subordinates who are sent to Tempest to create diplomatic relations. She is described as having a ferocious aura that has been likened to a "battle-hardened leader."


Sphia Full


She has Cat-like eyes and shiny, long, white hair that is slick and straight. Her stature is very lean.


As a tiger, she appears like a normal tiger. It's commented that for a Lycanthrope to show their Beast Form is considered "quite brazen."


As hinted at in the description of her aura, she is extremely blunt and very forward. She enjoys fighting and even contests with Shion. She shows a fair amount of respect towards Arubis after she stops her fight with Shion, suggesting she considers herself equal with Arubis.


She first appears alongside Arubis and Grucius following the defeat of Charybdis. After Rimuru called for diplomatic arrangements between Yuurazania and Tempest.


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