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The Eastern Empire, officially known as the Sovereign Alliance of the Nasca Namrium Ulmeria Empire is a large military nation that is known as the strongest nation in the entire world prior to Tempest's emergence.


The Eastern Empire. One of the oldest countries. Its official name is Sovereign Alliance of the Nasca Namrium Ulmeria Empires (SAN NUE). People say that it has been two thousand years since the records first speak of nations managed by SAN NUE. Managed under its overwhelming strength. And for two thousand years, SAN NUE did not allow a single rebellion to go unpunished. Under its sole Emperor: Rudra Nam Ul Nasca who ruled with an iron fist. And thus the empire eventually came to simply be called the Eastern Empire.

Eastern Empire is a homogenous state. They rule through power, conquer and pillage, complete battle maniacs. Their only creed [Power is Everything] allows anyone to achieve greatness as long as they are powerful. There's only one reason why this empire has yet to invade the Jura forest, it is that they are in the middle of preparations. Three hundred fifty years ago, they attempted to subjugate Veldora and lost a city because of it. A whimsical dragon destroyed it before they could as much as regret. Around a hundred thousand lives were lost that day, and that was a city fortified to be the gateway for invading the Jura forest. They have built it up over a hundred years. "Build up your forces, conquer that forest, and expand our dominion." That was the Empire's burning wish since then. Trying to expand beyond the Jura forest, their failures pained them for a hundred years. But why would a country as bountiful as the Empire need to expand? Only because the Emperor wanted it to be so. That was the only reason, but no one complained. And as the invasion plan progressed, the Empire built up its forces and weapons. And hundreds of years ago they announced their invasion plan. Who would have thought that a single foolish idea the commanders had would cause that plan to crumble?The Jura forest needs a master. Those lizards are no threat to us!

This foolish thought led them to their doom. They hardly know what actually happened. The books, the record keepers, and anyone who knew were reduced to ash. Their dreams, their ambitions, were reduced to ash. And time passed by. The Empire continued with an additional creed: "Never invade Jura Forest." Veldora's anger left its scars; his power revealed how big the world really is; the Empire could never consider an invasion. There were those who resented Veldora, but not a single one of them would disobey a superior, each of whom forbid an invasion. As such, the voices of young warhawks never reached the upper echelons. As such, the army solidified even further, regaining control superior to before the invasion. They could not allow the second invasion to fail. For them, this was an opportunity to prove their loyalty to their Empire.

And two years prior, they received this news. Storm Dragon Veldora has disappeared. The Empire rejoiced, “The time has come!” Drums of war beat now even in the hearts of the commanders. These were not brash youths; they were hardened soldiers, so the fires in their chests burned all the brighter. Moreover, they could hardly allow their Emperor to wait any longer. And the Emperor blessed them with a single word,


Surely everyone was elated to hear them, but no one rushed–they meticulously carried his orders out. And soon the preparations were complete.


Empire's Invasion Arc

940,000 Soldiers from the Armored Corps were completely annihilated by the Monster Country Tempest, which were invaded by the Empire. and had their souls reaped by Rimuru Tempest, the King of Tempest.

However, The Demon Lord Rimuru revived 740,000 among them for Tempest's labored servitude and put curses on them so that they wouldn't be able to oppose Tempest ever again. This left 200,000 souls whose bodies were completely destroyed during the first war against the First Corps and the Third Corps, and thus, the only "real" casualties of the first battle between the Empire and Tempest.

Ryuma Clash Arc

90,000 Soldiers comprised of the Magic Beast Corps and the remaining Armored Corps, which included 30,000 Magic Beasts, 30,000 Magic Beast Riders and 30,000 Mages, were completely annihilated by Demon Lord Rimuru and the Black Corps/Numbers of Tempest upon invoking the Demon Lord's wrath by taking control of Storm Dragon Veldora, who is Rimuru's friend.

The 10 Strongest Royal Knights also fell victims to the Black Corps in the battle.

Only Vega (Yuuki's spy for observing the Magic Beast Corps), the Emperor Rudra and Scorch Dragon Velgrynd survived the battle.

Among the 300 Airships in this battle, 200 were salvaged for Tempest under Diablo's order.

Yuuki Kagurazaka killed Rudra, stole the Ultimate Skill, Justice King Michael and Invoked Armageddon to summon 1,000,000 B+ Rank non Sentient Angel causing 1-3 Million civilians at the Eastern Empire Capital Nasca to be killed.

Yuuki Kagurazaka then revived Vega and Kazaream.

Tenma Great War Arc

During the Walpurgis Banquet, The Eastern Empire was granted by Eight Star Demon Lords as Rimuru's New Territory.


The Empire is founded upon that maximum strength is everything.

The Eastern Empire was a military nation that increased in size by absorbing its weaker neighbors. It invaded when it wanted and trampled down anyone in its wake. So it also made full use of spies.

“Death to those who disobey!” This was the principle they live by, so if the targeted state didn't swear allegiance within a week, they immediately invaded. Their sphere of influence failed to extend into the Jura Forest, though there have been victims among nearby states that had fallen to the Empire. The country itself is filled with people with various skills and knowledge. The Empire also welcomed world travelers with open arms, and most of their influence changed the Empire. 

The Empire was ablaze in activity. The Empire has Political and Military branches. Both of which are managed directly by the Emperor. No one else has any real power there. There are nobles, but their only boon is a fancy name and ability to enter the parliament without an election. Perhaps some of them do own and manage the property, but such would be a rare and special person. In other words, the Emperor has absolute power. This Feudalistic state listens to the wishes not of the people but of the Emperor. 

Every soldier pledged their loyalty to the Emperor. Even an Imperial Guard or Guardsmen is but a position that is rotated between various troops. Can you believe it: a single person is managing every aspect of such a large nation. But regardless of how bizarre it may seem, the truth is this: the Empire has enjoyed many years of prosperity and the Emperor gave his orders. Surely everyone was elated to hear them, but no one rushed, they meticulously carried out his orders and the preparations were soon completed.

There were two individuals with absolute power that have authority over the rest: The Emperor himself and the Generalissimo. There were also others who were the de facto commanders that had control over the armed forces of the Empire. the de facto commanders also had the duty to protect the Emperor with the Emperor's personal guards / The Royal Knights. They were powerful enough to surpass the demon lords' standard level, and have ensured the Empire's safety for hundreds of years.

Next, there are three Generals. These three commanded each of the three Corps of the Empire's armies. The de facto commander and the Generals, these four men were the pillars of the Empire. Each had been given the Empire's treasured God Grade Equipments. Treasures of unbelievable power/the strongest equipment before which no man can be equal to.

Through internal army duels and combat, a system where the young may usurp the seat of the elder was established. Though forbidden during Army's marches, any members of the army could challenge a superior to a duel if they believed they can surpass their superior. If they were defeated, they would have to wait a year before they were permitted to challenge the superior again. As such, everyone continuously sharpened their skills. The best system for a country where strength is everything. In addition to the position of a captain or a general, there's also the position of The Emperor's personal Guardsmen / Royal Knights that held great influence and power within the Empire. These positions were always filled with powerful individuals who can not be easily defeated within the Empire. As a result, if you wanted to rise in status, you would wait for an opportunity to defeat them.

The Empire increased its influence by absorbing weaker nations and invading nations that did not submit. With this principle, if the targeted country did not swear allegiance within a certain time, they would be immediately invaded by the Empire.

Military Strength

The Eastern Empire was known as being the strongest military state in the world prior to Tempest's emergence.

It's implied that the author used the same Ranking system for Officers like the one Rikujo Jietai (Japan Ground Self Defense Force) uses.

  • de facto commander
  • General (Corps Commander)
  • Lieutenant General
  • Major General
  • Colonel
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Major
  • Captain
  • First Lieutenant
  • Second Lieutenant
  • Warrant Officer

World Travelers are given preferential treatment, even at the lowest they will receive treatment as Second Lieutenant.

The Royal Knight Corps: 100 Empire's Greatest Elite Fighting Force.

Behind the scenes is another army protecting the Empire. But calling it an army is too much, it is at most a unit, but its strength is far beyond that of the three corps. In other words, they are powerful enough to be called an army despite being a single unit.

A hundred individuals of great power joined the Royal Knight Corps; their strength was legendary. Of course, many of them were from another world. The Empire did not discriminate against world travelers and recognized only strength. To these one hundred, the Emperor bestowed Legend Class Equipment. These one hundred are the Empire's strongest force.

They're the ones who guard, receive the orders and are under direct control by the Emperor himself. Only consisting of 100 A-Rank Soldiers. Royal Knight No.1-10 are also Sages who had received the Ultimate Gift "Alternative" from the Emperor himself. Each and every single member except the No.1 Royal Knight received Legend Grade Equipment from the Emperor himself. Royal Knight No.1 is a Sage who is bestowed with God Grade Equipment by the Emperor himself.

These one hundred soldiers were selected through internal army duels and combat. A system where the young may usurp the seat of the elder. Though forbidden during marches, any member of the army could challenge a superior to a duel. If they were defeated, they would have to wait a year before they were permitted to challenge him again. As such, everyone continuously sharpened their skills. Such was the best system for a country where strength was everything. In place of a captain at each of the Three Corps, a Royal Knight would serve. As a result, if you wanted to rise in status, you would wait for an opportunity to defeat them.

Publicly and Formally The Empire's Military is split into Three Corps:

The Armored Corps: A Marvel of Technology run by Imperial Engineers.

They rode Modern Tanks and symbolized the Empire's technological prowess. The Armored corps, where science and technology of the different worlds were fused with magic technology, it is the largest Corps with the largest number of soldiers that could be mobilized exceeding 2 million. In reality, however, the number of soldiers who could participate immediately in military deployments was only 1 million. The rest were on standby in various places within the Empire. Even so, the scale of the corps could be considered abnormal.

The Armored Corps that could participate immediately in military deployment consist of:

1. Armored Remodeled Legion: Legion of soldiers who received Magic Remodeling by magic and technology of the different world. The individual ability increases and has ability considerable to B-A Ranks. Even at the lowest of the corps, the soldiers could still be considered to be stronger than C+ Rank. Number of soldiers affiliated: 700,000 people.

2. Magic Tank Division Magic Tank: consisted of 4,000 units. Number of soldiers affiliated, 200,000 people. The Empire's secret weapon, each Magic Tank was piloted by 5 people. The main armament of each Magic Tank was Magic cannon optimized by other world's technology, the cannon was used for amplifying magic and then firing it.

  • Along with the shell type that packed magic essence and increased the destructive power, the Magic Tanks contained another attack that fired a converged magic essence gathered from the air like a beam. If it's a shell, it's possible to accomplish rapid fire even if the quantity is limited. In the case it's a beam, energy charge takes time, a little over three minutes, but there's no quantity limitation for it. Because it's possible to alternate between these two types of attacks, the beam type is shot first and the normal shell is shot during the time it takes for the next beam to be charged.

3. Aerial Fighter Legion Airship: consisted of 400 aircraft units. Number of soldiers affiliated, 100,000 people. One aircraft can hold up to 400 people. Operating one aircraft only needs about 50 staff. The other personnel are to be engaged in a bombardment. It's also useful as transportation for large scale military deployment. Since it could be said that there's no concept of air supremacy in this world yet, the Airships can be considered to be invincible. Magic Reinforcement Cannons are installed on the Airships. The Airships which could be called a flying fortress also had the largest magic canceller devices installed in them. In control of each device was an elite wizard class member who commanded the magicians. In battle, the Airship's magic cannon has the equivalent power of the main armaments of the Magic Tanks, thus, it can kill a Young Dragon of A Rank with just one shot.

  • Adjustment of the magic amplification cannon was vital to every Airship. Also, the magic barrier that could easily block normal Wide Scale Annihilation Magic / Nuclear Strike Magic was laid out to always protect the Airships. Furthermore, Shield (Shield Wall), which is magic used to deal with physical attacks, is amplified to prevent attacks on the Airship. The spell of the magician who usually fires it is amplified to 20 times its original power by the magic amplification cannon. It's a cannon only in name since it's actually just a pedestal with an ability to amplify the magic that's used. A huge spell control orb was made with a magic stone of high purity. Originally, orbs which were attached to staffs were as big as a fist to enhance spell amplification effects, allowing various large scale magic to be cast easily. The Airships max speed surpasses Mach 1 (around Transonic) while it's average speed is around 400 km/Hour. but it can't run at max speed for long periods of time due to its enormous magic consumption, thus it only flies around its average speed.

Magic Canceller (Magic Essence Disturbance Radiation). It can obstruct a magician's casting. A technology that enables the weakening of a monster in battle. 

The Magic Beast Corps: A Group of Magic Beast Riders and Chimera Knights.

From the four corners of the world, the Empire brought back powerful beasts and forced them to obey. They symbolize the Empire's strength. It is the Magic Beast Corps that handle various of these captured magic beasts: they breed, strengthen, and train them. The cultivation of the Magic Beasts was processed through DNA analysis, the technology of the Other World that allows the strong soldiers of the Empire to ride these beasts.

Those strong soldiers were said to have the blood of heroes who played an active part during the early days of the Empire in the times of old. Different from the Magic Remodeling technique that changes an ability-less person into a hero, they are born heroes having an overwhelming ability. A minor Corps with only 30,000 personnel (100 Chimera Knights are A-Rank while most other troops are A- Rank). It was said that each one of them had the strength of 10,000 people while the Magic Beasts that they rode all had strength appropriate to A-Rank.

Battle Chimera: Demon Beasts which were born from selective breeding after DNA analysis. They were seen as a type of weapon, having combat oriented abilities. It was obvious that the Corps members who had tamed them were also above A-Rank in terms of capability. Their strength when battling together on land were said to be second to none. But if they were above the sea, they'll be put at a disadvantage. Although there existed within the Magic Beast Corps those that excelled in aerial combat. However, that was only possible provided they had stable foot holding. For the Demonic Beasts who were inferior in continuous flight ability, combat in the skies put them at a disadvantage. After all, their landing spots were easily predictable, they would snipe, and that would be the end of them.

They are able to gain great power by using the Medical Skill Beast Fusion but the risks of failure (death or going berserk) are quite high.

Medical Skill『Beast Fusion』was a skill that was developed by the team responsible for the analysis of Demon Beast DNA. This skill fused the Demon Beast and it's handler together. Letting a human attain the power of a Demon Beast; a forbidden power. The reason it was called a forbidden skill, was because it became impossible for the individual who activated it to cancel the effects. The drug used for the skill had to be surgically removed in a facility with the appropriate tools. Through the fusion of the handler and his partner, a warrior that surpassed the original concept would be born. The drug was distributed and kept on hand, so it was possible to activate it whenever necessary. But, usage is prohibited without the Secret Command from the corps leader (Gladim). There was another reason why it was “secret”.

Risk of death: 10%. Risk of compatibility failure and completely turning into a Demon Beast: 20%. Risk of losing control (applies for both Beastman and Demon Beast): 30%. Risk of side effects resulting from the fusion: 20%.

There were many underlying problems. There is only a 20% chance for “complete” success of the fusion.

But just like Gladim, there were corps members who successfully fused and completed the process. These members attained new powers as a result and became stronger. These perfectly compatible individuals made up less than 1% among the entire corps. They were called Chimera Knights and were the aides of Beast King Gladim. The order that Gladim calmly issued, was akin to a death sentence for the Magic Beast Corps troops. If they were unable to attain power now, they will simply end up as fodder for the demons. It was a cold, but pragmatic order. And the troops swiftly followed it. They had prior knowledge of the risks and knew of the high mortality rate. But because they had absolute faith in Beast King Gladim, they followed the order without hesitation. The result: out of 30,000 members of the Magic Beast Corps Troops.

7,700 turned into berserk Demon Beasts, 5,800 into complete Demon Beasts. 4,500 turned into berserk Beastman, 7,400 into Beastman soldiers. 450 turned into Chimera Knights.

It resulted in a fairly large loss in numbers. The ones who went berserk had already been let out and were rampaging on the decks. An ejection type magic circle was prepared beforehand, to deal with those individuals. That was the job of the Mages, who were standing by around the squad members. This was to prevent being attacked by their former comrades. Those who were still sane and combat ready numbered 13,750, which was less than half of the squad. The members who turned into Demon Beasts but were still conscious are also counted in, so the drop in numbers was fairly significant. But Gladim nodded with satisfaction. The number of Chimera Knights born was higher than expected. There was roughly 100 of them, who were his aides, that were already Chimera Knights were only composed of his countrymen who had been fighting alongside him for several decades. Through strict selection, only individuals with high chances of successfully fusing were chosen, but it was difficult to increase their numbers. 450 Chimera Knights of good quality were born. This time, those who had successfully evolved into a Chimera Knight, due to the shortage of Demonic Beasts to consume, had been terribly weakened. They obtained the Unique skill『Bodily Manipulation』.

The Mixed Corps: A Group of Engineer Rejects and Beast Exiles.

These members are too powerful and/or too smart to work as a single organization as it is generally thought so, However, If their power was combined they would become the most potent threat. They represent the Empire’s heart. Young as they may be, while it may be true that they were dropouts, it didn’t mean they didn’t have abilities. As such, instead of battles and warfare, various experiments and trials are carried out by this corps. The corps has its own technology development department. It also has a magic research department. Their potential is unknown.

This corps employs the most number of Otherworlders as combatants. The total number of soldiers is 200,000 people. However, a lot of them were intelligence officers and general office work soldiers, making the number of soldiers that can actually fight around 100,000 People.

In addition, people who are in disfavor of Magic Remodeling, people who can’t ride Magic Beasts and people of the former Magic Corps that have no place to go were taken into this corps.

30 ‘Otherworlders’, 50 Devils, 100 mixed-breed warriors, 100 slave warriors. In the Mixed Corps, they were the ones on the stronger side. With Otherworlders, Devils, and Officer class individuals, it wasn't an exaggeration to say that they would be members of the Mixed Corps headquarters.



Dwargon was able to establish diplomatic relations with the Eastern Empire and so avoided a potential invasion. This was due to the military strength of the kingdom while the strength of the Dwarf King also certainly has something to do with it.


The Eastern Empire is currently under the control of Rimuru Tempest. but in exchange for their independence, Rimuru confiscated all of their technology including the right to construct and use Airships, Magic Tanks and forbid Magic Remodeling Technology usage toward their citizens.


  • Technical Department: Wizards that specialize in Analyst.
  • Supplies Department: Place where most Soldiers sell their plunder including weapons.
  • Intelligence Bureau: Intelligence agents are of first-class combat abilities holders. (Every single member is of A Rank and can defeat a Nameless Arch Demon in a "one on one" fight).

Known Members

Rudra Nam Ul Nasca: The Emperor, The Generalissimo

Lucia Nava: Royalty

Veldanava (“Star King Dragon” Veldanava): Royalty

Scorch Dragon Velgrynd: Living in the Empire to observe, support, and kill Rudra.

Royal Knight Corps: 100 Empire's Greatest Elite Fighting Force.

Tatsuya Kondou: The de facto Commander, Leader of Empire's Intelligence Bureau, Leader of The Royal Knight Corps and No.1 Royal Knight.

Damrada: Vice Leader of The Royal Knight Corps and No.2 Royal Knight.

Graneet: No. 3 Royal Knight a Sage and Hero who laid the foundation of the Eastern Empire and has protected the Empire's peace for more than a thousand years behind the scenes.

Gardner: No.4 Royal Knight a sadistic Sage who loves to torture his enemies while enjoying watching them cry and beg for their lives.

Garcia: No.5 Royal Knight a short temper and impatient Sage.

Miraza: No.6 Royal Knight who killed 300 Members of Yuuki's Elite Subordinates and member of the Empire's Intelligence Bureau.

No.7-10: Royal Knights that killed 300 Members of Yuuki's Elite Subordinate alongside Miraza and members of the Empire's Intelligence Bureau.

Krishna: No.17 Royal Knight who defeated Albert due to Albert's sword breaking on contact with Krishna's Armor.

Bazan: No.35 Royal Knight who bested Adalman due to Albert's defeat.

Reiha: No.94 Royal Knight who bested Adalman due to Albert's defeat.

Armored Corps: A Marvel of Technology by Imperial Engineers.

Calgurio: The Corps Commander (Leader) of The Armored Corps.

Miranda: Military Advisor (A spy sent by Yuuki to monitor and manipulate Calgurio).

Gastar: Lieutenant General who commanded the Magic Tank Division.

Minute: Major General who commanded and oversaw the dungeon capturing Squad.

Faraga: Major General who commanded over 100 Airship fleets and oversaw the Veldora Subjugation Squad.

Xam’d: Major General who commanded over 300 Airship fleets and oversaw the transport of the Magic Beast Corps.

Kansas: Colonel who commanded the annihilation of a Youma Village.

Raymond: Otherworlder soldier who relies on his Strengthening Physics and Martial Artist. 

Michel: Otherworlder soldier who boasts high attack power.

Magic Beast Corps: A Group of Magic Beast Riders and Chimera Knights.

Gladim: The Corps Commander (Leader) of The Magic Beast Corps.

Vega: Gladim's Subordinate (A spy sent by Yuuki to monitor Gladim).

Mixed Corps: A Group of Engineer Rejects and Beast Exiles.

Yuuki Kagurazaka: The Corps Commander (Leader) of The Mixed Corps.

Claude: Vice Leader of the Mixed Corps (A spy sent by Leon Cromwell to monitor Yuuki).

Arios: Otherworlder soldier who uses a One-Handed Sword and excels in Assassination.

Tolneod: Otherworlder soldier who uses a War Hammer imbued with the Lightning element as his Main Weapon.

Zero: An Artificial Being created by Yuuki that uses a Star-Shaped Shield.

Aria: Otherworlder soldier who uses a Great Axe imbued with the Fire element as her Main Weapon.

Olca: Otherworlder soldier who uses a Trident imbued with the Water element as her Main Weapon.

Priscilla: Otherworlder soldier who uses a Nine Tail imbued with the Wind element as her Main Weapon.

Furuki Mai: Otherworlder soldier who uses a Crescent Bow and excels in Long Range and Pin Point Attacks.

Tanimura Shinji: Major who had the qualification as an Army Doctor.

Mark Lauren: First Lieutenant who relies on his Throwing Skills.

Zhen Liu Xing: First Lieutenant who relies on his Sense Skills.

Gadra: Hero, Imperial Court Magician and former Corps Commander (Leader) of the Magic Corps.


  • In truth, most combatants from the Sovereign Alliance of the Nasca Namrium Ulmeria Empire don't have an Ultimate Skill and their power is only artificial due to Magic Remodeling (not by their Natural Talent) thus once they fight against Sentient and Intelligence A Rank Monsters they tend to be unable to do anything against it.
  • An A- and A-Rank Soldier is considered an Elite Soldier while an average Soldier's strength is B Rank.
  • In truth, the fact about their General (Corps Commander) having the power to surpass a member of the Eight Star Demon Lords is nothing but a lie from overconfident and ignorant people.
  • A nameless Arch Demon is strong enough to destroy one of the Eastern Empire's vassal states.
  • It's estimated that Calgurio and Claude's Fighting Prowess is as strong as a named Arch Demon and according to Rimuru, Calgurio is quite a decent fighter.
  • Rudra only considered the Sovereign Alliance of the Nasca Namrium Ulmeria Empire as nothing but a tool to achieve his own goal and at the same time, he purposely let his own subordinates that have pledged their loyalty to him be killed while the survivor fell into fear and despair in order to evolve them into Sages. As long as there's only one that manages to evolve into a sage he doesn't care even if a million Soldiers are killed.
  • The Military Police Corps is far weaker than the Army Corps (like a child fighting an adult).
  • Most Nobles and Higher Ups think an Eight Star Demon Lords is only at the Demon Lord class individual level EP: 200,000. This probably because most of all the Self-Proclaimed Demon Lords come from Demon Lord class individuals, thus most Nobles and Higher Ups tend to look down on the Eight Star Demon Lords.
  • According to Tanimura Shinji, the Armored Corps that came to invade Tempest (consisting of 940,000 Soldiers) is considered to have less than 30% of Tempest Standing Armed Forces' War Potential prior to Rimuru evolving his Executives into True Demon Lords.
  • The Imperial Capital Nasca is protected by 100 Royal Knights, 2,000 Guardsmen, and 20000 Military Police Corps.
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