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Souka is Gabiru’s younger sister and Abiru’s daughter. She came to Tempest to improve her skills under the order of her father. She becomes one of Souei's acolytes/trainees.



Originally a green anthropomorphic lizard with black hair, light armor, and a scarf.


After being named by Rimuru and evolving into a Dragonewt, she takes a more human appearance and wears ninja-like attire. She's also able to hide her wings, tail, and horns.

In the anime, the color of her wings, tail, and horns are red.


Souka is a dutiful and respectful person who also thinks about the well being of those she cares about. She is good at pressuring others. She loves Souei, but is too shy to admit it, to the point of being tsundere.


She was the head guard of the Lizardmen and served her father. After she and her people were saved by the Orc Invasion by Rimuru and his army, she joined Tempest in order to improve her skills and was later mentored by Souei, whom she greatly admires. A few of her subordinates from the guard squad also followed her.


Extra Skills

  • Sage EX
  • Magic Power Manipulation
  • Shadow Movement

Daily Skills

  • Magic Perception
  • Heat Detection

Battle Skills

  • Fire Breath
  • Lightning Breath


  • Pain Resistance
  • Status Change Resistance
  • Natural Effect Resistance
  • Physical and Spiritual Attack Resistance


  • Gabiru: Though they always seem hostile, everyone knows they actually treasure each other. Only they themselves don't notice it.
  • Abiru: Her father and chief of the Lizardmen, whom she formerly served as Captain of the Guard.
  • Souei: She has respectful affection toward him.
  • Rimuru: She admires and respects him.


  • She's good at pressuring people. This was shown during the Tournament.
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