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"Apologizing would be meaningless. I am the one who shall make the final judgment.".

Souei, to Rimuru

Souei (蒼影(ソウエイ) sōei, lit. "Blue Shadow") is an Ogre that was among the third group of subordinates to be named by Rimuru Tempest.

He is Rimuru's faithful shadow and the leader of the Shadow Squad of the Jura Tempest Federation. He as well lives in the Capital city of the Jura Tempest Federation: Rimuru City.



Souei Ogre Anime 1.png

As an Ogre, Souei had a lean yet muscular figure with a height nearing Benimaru's Ogre form. He has dark skin, dark blue hair and blue eyes.

From his forehead, protruded a single white horn and a blue eye-shadow on his lower eyelids. His skin also had a bluish tint which made his look overall grayish. From the corners of his mouth, also peeks two white canines, which further complements the already vicious and angry Ogre appearance.

His hair was straight and is of medium length, where his bangs covered his right eye most of the time. His clothing is tight-fitting, possibly due to his fighting style relying on speed and agility.


Souei Kijin Anime 1.png

After evolving into a Kijin, Souei shrunk to that of 180 centimeters and with the appearance of a lean young man in his late teens. He looks incredibly calm and collected, which goes well with his confident personality, and is all in all a beautiful man (Ikemen) with a different air around him.

Thanks to Shuna and co., Souei received a brand new attire ,matching his dark blue color scheme that isn't too tight nor too fluttering to get caught in sharp objects during his espionage missions.

Fair Oni

His appearance didn't change after his evolution into a Fair Oni.


Souei seems to be afflicted with Chunibyo. After being appointed as a ninja, he took the position very seriously - too seriously for some of his companions and coworkers. Regardless, his presence radiates composure and unblemished strength, though whenever he thinks anyone is insulting Rimuru, he gets a creepy smile on his face. He operates ruthlessly and doesn't interpose personal feelings. He keeps his delusions only to times of peace and properly makes sure that it doesn't interfere with his work.

Despite some the concerns about his personality, he does his job properly and is very competent, able to create a counter-espionage force within a few months that's able to fend off spies from the Armed Nation of Dwargon, though it doesn't seem like he was able to notice the magical observation done by the Sorcerer's Dynasty Sarion, so against purely magical espionage methods he might still require the help of an expert on magical matters like Shuna, Diablo, or Rimuru himself.

Souei has an eloquent tongue to match his good looks and always expresses himself very stoically and confident.

Like all the other survivors of the Ogre Tribe, Souei is also very loyal towards Rimuru and he also keeps up his long-lasting childhood friendship with Benimaru, especially now that Benimaru and Souei are no longer master or retainer hence they can treat each other more equally in public.


Souei was one of the six survivors of the Ogre Tribe. After escaping from the Orc horde, his group joined Rimuru's Hobgoblin village after an initial misunderstanding. He followed along until the village became the Jura Forest Alliance and later the Jura Tempest Federation, where he settled in as leader of the Shadow Squad that handles the espionage of Rimuru City.

Forest Disturbance

Souei was introduced in the Forest Disturbance Arc. The village was attacked by 10,000 Orcs led by the Orc Lord Geld and Majin Footman.

Meeting with Rimuru

Having his entire tribe eradicated, Souei and his 5 remaining tribe members ran away with great regret, only to encounter a Goblin Rider patrol and later Rimuru. They fought due to the Ogre group's frustrations and a misunderstanding caused by Rimuru wearing the Anti-Demon Mask, but it got resolved thanks to Benimaru's little sister's efforts and since no one died, Rimuru healed everyone with his potions and they all went into Rimuru's Goblin village, where a Feast was about to be held.

After some rest, Rimuru learned about Souei and his companions' circumstances and asked them if they were willing to become his subordinates, even if it was temporary since they too would need to fight these orcs, it would be better to join forces. They asked for some time to think about it and walked away, only to meet his childhood friend and rival stating that it wasn't a bad idea after looking at the state of the goblin village Rimuru ruled over. After some frustrating reminiscence, finally decided to accept and finally, as a symbol of Rimuru's rulership, granted the six of them names: Benimaru, Shuna, Souei, Shion, Hakurou, and Kurobee. Thus, they all evolved from Ogres into Kijin.

Against the Orcs

Some days passed and Souei, Hakurou, and Benimaru trained together to get used to their newfound powers. Souei was particularly adept at using strings to decapitate his enemies and his using sticky steel thread to fight is Souei's signature move.


  • Souei likes torturing his captives
  • The name "Souei" inspires wholeheartedness, optimism and purposefulness.
  • Souei thinks that getting women to love you is easy.
  • According to the Slime Diaries, Souei seems to like cats.
    • He helped Rimuru with the piping of hot water from a nearby mountain into the Tempest Hot Springs and even personally created his own hot spring at his home after Rimuru figured that giving everyone one would be impractical.