"Sorcerer’s Dynasty" Sarion is a nation where chanting magic (elemental-based magic) is the predominant form of magic, in contrast to the Ulgrasia Republic where contract magic (spirit-based magic) is mainstream. For these reasons, they trade with each other often and build off of each other in a competitive relationship.

Sorcerer's Dynasty Sarion does not have a national religion. The Emperor claims to be a descendant of a god and forbids all other religions. Thus, they were rejected from being a part of the council, making them an isolated superpower. However, they maintain commercial relations with the other kingdoms.

Sorcerer's Dynasty Sarion decided to openly recognize Tempest as a sovereign state, in addition to pursuing diplomacy with them.

A beautiful garden full of rare life spreads behind the emperor's castle. Keeping up the garden provides numerous benefits for the dynasty, including monetary value. The entire garden is maintained without a penny from taxes.


  • It's been implied by Yuuki Kagurazaka and Kagali, "Curse Lord Kazaream," that the Sorcerer's Dynasty Sarion was known to create specialized artificially created bodies as one of its most expensive products. With Kazaream's current physical body of a Dark Elf having originated from the Dynasty.
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