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"Sorcerer’s Dynasty" Sarion is a nation founded and managed by Elves. It is one of the superpowers in the West, specialized in Elemental Magic.


The Sorcerer’s Dynasty Sarion is a superpower that held national power on the order of magnitude comparable to the Armored Nation of Dwargon, without even participating in the Council of the West. Just like the name “Dynasty” implied, it is a federation formed by 13 royal families. The history of Sarion was known to go back at least 2000 years.

Sorcerer's Dynasty Sarion does not have a national religion. The Emperor claims to be a descendant of a god and forbids all other religions. Thus, they were rejected from being a part of the council, making them an isolated superpower. However, they maintain commercial relations with the other kingdoms.

A beautiful garden full of rare life spreads behind the emperor's castle. Keeping up the garden provides numerous benefits for the dynasty, including monetary value. The entire garden is maintained without a penny from taxes.



Its been stated and shown that the Sorcerer's Dynasty's most premier product manufactured by their country are their Homunculus's. This is seen where one of its noblemen, Erald Grimwald was able to have manufactured a highly realistic human homunculus to use when traveling to foreign country that was so well made that it was completely indistinguishable from an actual human body.

The country itself has been stated to be able to manufacture both human and elf homunculus bodies and sell them in black market. As seen where Yuuki Kagurazaka was able to acquire one using his connection as the chairman of the Free Guild.

Foreign Relations

Ulgrasia Republic

Sorcerer's Dynasty Sarion is a nation where elemental magic is dominant, in contrast to the Ulgrasia Republic where spirit magic is mainstream. For these reasons, they trade with each other often and build off of each other in a competitive relationship.

Jura Tempest Federation

After the Human-Monster Conference that took place in Tempest, Sorcerer's Dynasty Sarion decided to openly recognize Tempest as a sovereign state, in addition to pursuing diplomacy with them. They have technological exchanges and the researchers from Sarion helped in developing the magitrain.

Armed Nation of Dwargon

To be added.

Council of the West

Sorcerer's Dynasty Sarion does not have a national religion as the Emperor claims to be a descendant of a god. Thus, they were rejected from being a part of the council.


  • It's been implied by Yuuki Kagurazaka and Kagali, "Curse Lord Kazaream," that the current elf body possessed by Kagali was manufactured by the Dynasty.