Ultimate Skill Slothful King Belphegor怠惰之王(ベルフェゴール), Taida no Ou(B e r u f e g o o r u)」have a special ability to increase the user's power. It could basically increase the users' energy by saving it beforehand. There's a limit to the maximum amount that one could let out at a time, the user can go beyond his usual state with that ability, and can get a temporary overwhelming fighting power.


Sloth's power is to cause the person it depraves to become the user's subordinate and at the same time deprive them from their abilities.


  • Fallen Catastrophe (Temptation towards Destruction)
  • Fallen Hypno (Slothful Sleep)
  • Fallen Strike (Fallen Heaven Strike)
  • Fallen Thanatos (Hypnotic Inducement towards Death)
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