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Slimes (粘性生物(スライム) Suraimu, lit. "Viscous Creature") are common Monsters in the Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken universe and one of the weakest Monsters known to exist. They lack hunger and simply dine on magical energy, and thus have no need for physical nourishment. In areas with poor magical energy concentration, monsters and small animals serve as an alternative.

Slime bodies are a composition of identical cells. Every cell can serve as a brain cell, nerve ending, and muscle at the same time. Thus, as the thought process is undertaken by different cells at different times, sleep is unnecessary.

Slime bodies move with magical energy. Since oxygen is unnecessary, no form of breathing occurs.

The Slimes of energy-deprived regions are extremely violent and strong since there is a need for survival.

Self-awareness is something impossible for a Slime. Slime species are typically thoughtless creatures that only absorb, split, and regenerate. They also usually never leave their territories. It is possible for an intelligent Slime to naturally come into existence as a Unique Monster, though there hasn't been any such occurrence as of yet.


As of now, Rimuru Tempest is the only intelligent and the most powerful one encountered since arriving in this world. Due to the average perception of slimes as unintelligent, Rimuru's opponents are often caught off-guard on the first encounter. He later evolved into a Demon Slime as a result of becoming a True Demon Lord.


  • Slimes are considered a kind of Spectre (妖魔族 yōma).
  • In the Web Novel version, Vega was considered a Slime as well.

Species Skills

  • Dissolve (溶解 yōkai):
  • Absorb (吸収 kyūshū):
  • Self-Regeneration (自己再生 jiko saisei):