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Shuna (朱菜(シュナ) shuna, lit. "Vermilion Vegetable") is one of the third group of subordinates to be named by Rimuru, evolving her from an Ogre to a Kijin. She was originally the princess of the Ogre tribe and even though she had the talent for using Magic, she was a sheltered girl, but quickly got along with the Goblinas. Shuna lives in the Capital city of the Jura Tempest Federation: Rimuru City. The daughter of the late ogre chieftain and Benimaru's younger sister, which is why she's nicknamed "Oni Princess" by Rimuru. Very skilled and knowledgeable in domestic matters, she essentially becomes Rimuru's chief economic advisor together with Rigurd.



Shuna Ogre Anime 1.png

In her Ogre stage, Shuna was a petite girl with the appearance of a 13-14-year-old Human girl with the exception of her two large porcelain horns protruding from her forehead.

She has long, wavy, pink hair, coupled with large hot-pink eyes under very light, barely existing eyebrows. She wore a simple pink kimono, covered by a similarly simple white robe that covered her arms in excess. She also had a thin, low-ponytail that was tied using a single small white ribbon.

Her fair skin has a slightly pink tint alongside a couple of tear-like face markings similar to Benimaru, supposedly, to go along with her pink color scheme, with the addition of two fangs that are long enough to slightly protrude out her lips to add to the "ferocious" theme of the Ogres.


Shuna Kijin Anime 1.png

After evolution, she took on the appearance akin to a 16-year-old human girl with a height of 155 centimeters, looking more refined and beautiful compared to her former cute self. Her horns also became narrower as with all Ogre to Kijin evolutions.

The slight pink tint on her skin is gone, as well as the face markings, and fangs that are small to be only visible when she speaks.

Excelling at weaving, she made herself a new white kimono with simple but graceful red embroidery and red kimono skirt that's held in place with a red ribbon, causing Shuna to be mistaken for a miko (巫女) .


Shuna is a gentle and forgiving girl with keen senses. Being raised as a princess she also has a refined and graceful personality. Rimuru tends to rely on her regal disposition when it comes to diplomacy with the leaders of other nations.

In her introduction, Shuna seemed to be a shy and fearful girl, staying behind Benimaru and Hakurou while they fought Rimuru. But after they realized he wasn't the responsible of the attack and destruction of their village and allied him, Shuna quickly adaptated to their new home and developted a good relationship with it's inhabitants, demonstrating that she possesses good social skills.

Shuna is also very compassionate and empathetic. After Rimuru learned about all the victims in the attack made by Kingdom of Falmuth, including Shion and Gobzo's deaths and felt guilty about that tragedy, she aproached, gave him a hug and her complete support, telling him that if he needs anything she'll be there for him.

She is at that age where she is happy to be depended on, hence since she was always sheltered as a little girl in the Ogre tribe, she's incredibly happy and content with her current position under Rimuru. Even a bit of responsibility seems to make her happy.

Even so, she is not to be underestimated as she can get incredibly competitive in certain areas too, such as, being appointed as Rimuru's close aide and taking care of him personally. The will to do so is so much that Shuna and Shion unknowingly pull on Rimuru to the point of tearing him in half. Just like Shion, she uses every chance to cuddle with Rimuru's blob form. Shuna shows off her femininity by showing her skill in weaving silk on a loom. Shuna is made responsible for clothing everyone in their fledgling village and had already woven several rolls of silk.


Forest Disturbance

After Rimuru arrived at the scene where the Ogres were battling Rimuru's subordinates, she was the first to recognize his mask and come to the conclusion that he was related to the masked Majin that attacked their village with the Orcs.

However, after seeing how merciful Rimuru was being towards them even with his immense strength and the Ogres mercilessly attacking him without any explanation, she was also the first to judge that Rimuru had no relation with their assailant and stopped her brother before they fought to the death.

After the unnamed Benimaru decided to serve Rimuru and they were all about to be named, she was yet again the first to stop Rimuru from doing so due to the huge risks that came along with it. Despite her effort, however, this time, they were named anyway as Rimuru was ignorant of the fact that naming higher ranking monsters depletes significantly higher Magicules from the namer with a high risk of permanently losing a portion of the Magicules. Even so, things turned out well and Rimuru fully recovered from his sleep mode within three days without any permanent Magicule loss, by which time all six of them evolved into Kijin.

Shuna is very good at cooking, cleaning, and weaving, which is exactly what she utilized to be of use to Rimuru as his subordinate. She acquired the Unique Skills Analyst and Manufacturer which complement and optimize her already existing abilities, helping her become one of the key figures in Rimuru's future country's Department of Production. Alongside her, works the three dwarf brothers, Garm, Dord, and Myrd, and also Haruna and other Goblinas. It was because of her and Kurobe that Rimuru's village was able to acquire exceedingly better garments and armor before their battle against the Orc Lord.


  • She enjoys cooking, cleaning, and sewing.
  • Just like Shion, she also harbors intimate feelings towards Rimuru.
  • She along with Rimuru and Shion are voted as the three major idols of the monster country, Tempest.
  • Unlike Benimaru, her flames are blue.
  • Although she's not considered a very powerful being in Tempest, even the most powerful top executives like Benimaru and Rimuru himself feared her when she's angry.
  • Her dub voice; Tia Ballard, also played the voice of Zero Two from "Darling in the Franxx" who has a similar appearce of a young girl with sakura pink hair an two oni-like horns! Possible reference why she was chosen for this role.
  • In the Light Novel, Ranga says that she's the most intelligent of Rimuru subordinates.