Shogo Taguchi is one of the Otherworlder summoned to serve Farmus.


Shogo is a very cocky individual, believing he's one of the strongest there is and even equal to Hinata Sakaguchi.

He cares very little about other people and hates his fate as a slave to a nation he cares very little about.


Shogo was summoned when he was seventeen but He managed to defeat all 30 mages who summoned him immediately and then was put under a cursed spell by Razen to serve as a living weapon for Farmus.


Shogo was ordered to provoke Jura Tempest Federation together with Kyoya Tachibana and Kirara Mizutani, and managed to kill several of Tempest's citizen.

During his duel against Geld, he was losing badly but managed to kill Kirara in order to boost his strength and also gain a new Unique Skill: Survivor. But even that is not enough to defeat Geld.

He was saved and managed to escape together with Razen, but was instead killed by his savior as Razen took his body and abilities.


Shogo practiced Karate since childhood, and was proficient enough that with the aid of his Unique Skill, he was able to defeat 30 mages single-handedly.

Unique Skills

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