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Shizu-san's Students (シズさんの教え子達 Shizu-san no Oshiego-tachi) is the twenty-first episode of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


Shizu's students don't show Rimuru much respect so he decides to show them the difference in their skill and gain their respect in a series of one-on-one duels. Kenya uses fire magic, Chloe water magic, Gale fires magic bullets, Ryota uses body enhancements, and Alice uses puppetry to control toys to attack him. They lose, but the level of energy in their bodies doesn't decrease, nor can he separate their magic from them as its fused with their souls. After Rimuru shows them Shizu's mask and promises to save them, they call him Sensei. Rimuru visits Treyni, believing the children will be fine if they can make superior spirits inhabit them. Shizu was Summoned as a small child but lived to adulthood, possibly because of Ifrit. Treyni tells him to go the Dwelling of Spirits, but with the Queen of Spirits the dryads served dead, they have lost their link to it and can no longer find the entrance. While on a picnic with the students, they see a Sky Dragon heading to the capital, but Rimuru interferes and eats it with Gluttony. Gard Mjöllmile, a merchant Rimuru saved, invites them to dinner. Mjöllmile's intelligence network has told him who Rimuru is and Rimuru invites him to come to Tempest to help them sell their wares. He agrees. Mjöllmile's assistant asks the Queen of Spirits to protect the children and tells a curious Rimuru, she came from a village near the Dwelling of Spirits. He, Ranga, and children head to its location.

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Rimuru calls attendance for his newly acquired students when having failed to get a response out of them, Rimuru resorts to using Ranga to threaten them into behaving. Though Rimuru acknowledges it isn't fair to do so the first order of business for the day is a test of the class's basic combat abilities.

Through the test, Rimuru notes that Kenya possesses very weak fire magic and decent swordsmanship. Chloe possesses decent water magic and is somewhat ruthless in battle. Gale Fires off magic bullets. Ryouta can enter a berserker-like state with body enhancement on top. Finally, Alice can manipulate stuffed animals with Golem-based magic.

Rimuru is also concerned that none of the children have managed to burn off any of the excess magic in their bodies during their training exercise. Rimuru considers trying to use degenerate to forcibly strip them of their excess energy though Great Sage notes that the magical power is forcibly bound to their very souls, he can't remove it without killing them.

Instead, Rimuru produces Shuzue's Anti-Magic Mask and explains that their former master entrusted him with it and all of them and so he promises them that he will save them. Using the newly established network of warp portals Rimuru travels back to Jura Forest where he has a meeting with Treyni hoping to use her knowledge of the spirit realm to find high-class spirits like Ifrit.

Rimuru's logic is that Shizue was able to live for decades because she had a spirit possessing her to stabilize her rampaging Magicules. If Rimuru is able to find more, then he can use them to stabilize his students in the same way. Treyni states that Rimuru would have to travel to the Dwelling of Spiritss, but she no longer has a working entrance to the realm.

A month after becoming a teacher Rimuru is hosting another battle magic class when he spots a Sky Dragon flying overhead and attacking the Kingdom of Ingrassia. Instructing Ranga to stay behind to look after the Children Rimuru alters his form into a slightly older, more feminine one as a disguise before flying up to and eating the dragon with Gluttony.

A merchant named Gard Mjöllmile witnesses Rimuru saving his life so he invites him and the children to dinner that night. After sending the merchant to his town. Rimuru overhears his waitress offer a prayer for the children to the Great Spirit Queen. Rimuru is able to extract the location of the Dwelling of Spirits from her for a hefty sum of gold. Thus, he the children and Ranga travel to the Ulgrasia Republic.






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  • The dragon resembles the Yu-Gi-Oh! monster Red-Eyes Black Dragon.



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