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Shizu (シズ Shizu) is the sixth episode of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


After being exiled from the nation of Dwargon, Rimuru and the dwarves return to the village of the goblins. After their arrival they a lot of goblins from other villages who Rimuru proceeds to name. A few days after a few adventurers arrive after being chased by fire ants and are saved by Rimuru, with one of the adventurers being another world traveler. While the other adventurers are having a meal he has a talk with her about their old home while riding on Ranga.


At the Kingdom of Blumund's Free Union HQ, Guild Master Fuze is debriefing three adventurers, Gido, Kaval, and Eren on the state of the surrounding area. Simply put, their intelligence combined with the trio's report has confirmed two things: The Eastern Empires are not moving on the surrounding areas, and the second is that Veldora has indeed disappeared from his prison.

With this in mind, Fuze gives the trio three days off before he sends them off on another investigation into the Great Forest of Jura. While the three are complaining they are approached by another adventurer named Shizu who asks to go with them on their mission as the forest is on her way anyway. Meanwhile, Rimuru has returned to the Goblin Village to discover a change that has occurred while he was gone.

Five Hundred Goblins have moved into the village seeking Rimuru's protection. After the Great Sage informs him that the goblins will be wiped out by other stronger monsters that are now moving on the village, the Ogres, the Orcs, and the Lizardmen, he decides to take them in and name them. After exhausting all of his energy and entering low activity mode for three days again Rimuru awakens to discover his village further changed.

Under Kaijin's instruction, the goblins are now learning how to make tools and weapons, while Garm has taught the goblins how to make proper clothing, Dord who is teaching them craftmanship and Myrd is guiding them in make buildings, with a dash of influence from Rimuru who lends his limited knowledge of the infrastructure of his homeworld.

Gobta, who was forgotten about in Dwargon, has freed himself by summoning his Tempest Wolf and returning to the village by themselves where they are now sharing their experiences. Rigurd has been made the official King of the Goblins with the former chief's of the absorbed villages his Goblin Lords. Speaking of Rigurd comes in with a report about a group of humans who have gotten themselves into bind nearby.

Kaval, Gido, Eren, and Shizu are being chased by a hoard of Giant Ants, several of which Shizu destroys with a Magic Sword and the last Rimuru dispatches with Black Lightning. Once they've introduced each other Rimuru realizes that Shizu is his 'destined' one he's meant to meet according to the Elven prophecy he received. Getting a better look at Shizu's companions Rimuru learns that they are the same trio that he met on his way out of Veldora's cave.

Rimuru breaks the tension using a Slime Joke he heard from a video game that elicits a laugh from Shizu. Once the Adventurers explain why they are there Rimuru confirms that the Freedom association shouldn't have any problem with them building a village there. Meeting with Shizu alone Rimuru confirms that she is from Japan and Shizu confirms the same as him.

The pair share their stories of how they came to be there: whereas Rimuru merely died and was reincarnated as a slime Shizu was summoned to this world by force on the tail end of the second world war. The individual who summoned her pulled her out of the firebombing of Japan so to cheer her up Rimuru shows her images of the rebuilt Japan and of it being put back together.

However, the mood is suddenly interrupted by some kind of painful injury on Shizu's part, while she seems fine Rimuru is called away to discuss the building of the village. Shizu meanwhile has a flashback of her summoning and of the man who did the deed leaving her body severely burned in the process, deducing that she had an affinity for fire Shizu's summoner forcibly bonded her to a fire spirit named Ifrit.








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