Abilities and Gears

Shion is an S-Rank Disaster-Class, comparable to unawakened Demon Lords.


Unique Skills

  • Cook
    • Certain Outcome
    • Optimal Action

Intrinsic Skills

Extra Skills


  • Battlewill
  • Ogre Cannon


  • Abnormal Condition Nullification
  • Pain Nullification
  • Natural Effects Resistance
  • Holy-Demonic Attack Resistance
  • Physical and Spiritual Attack Resistance.


Hercules' Edge - Revised

Hercules' Edge - Revised (剛力丸・改 gōrikimaru kai) is a Ōdachi forged by Kurobee. Shion can hold it easily with one hand. Every time she swings the sword, a flash of purple runs through, slashing and mowing down anyone in her way. The range of the blow is about 10 meters, an attack that kills all in a straight line. The scabbard is made from magical energy, it will disappear when Shion wishes.

Rimuru revised Hercules' Edge using Dead End Rainbow as a reference. Hence, becoming a "Soul Eater"-type of weapon, though he removes the seven-hit feature. Despite what "Soul Eater" might suggest, it can't actually eat, damage or otherwise directly interact with Souls, however, it does damage the Spiritual Body of those it hits while still doing damage to the Material Body at the same time. As a result, it does both physical and spiritual damage, so it is a dangerous weapon to both Spiritual and Physical Beings alike.

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