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My name is Shion. I am Rimuru-sama's No.1 secretary. Now listen up you humans, Rimuru-sama has spoken. You either Surrender or Die, pick an option. You gentlemen should be smart enough to understand what that means. So quickly, disarm yourself and surrender to us!

Shion, to the Holy Knights

Shion (紫苑(シオン) shion, lit. "Aster tataricus") is a Monster that was part of the third group of subordinates to be named by Rimuru and is also his number one secretary and bodyguard. Shion lives in the Capital city of the Jura Tempest Federation: Rimuru City.

In addition, she is the leader of the Yomigaeri and also one of Rimuru's strongest fighters. When she got resurrected and evolved into a Wicked Oni during Rimuru's Harvest Festival, she reached the strength of a Disaster-Class monster.


Shion Ogre Anime 2.png


As an Ogre, Shion had a wild appearance, with a thick black horn protruding from the center of her forehead, the base of which had skin folded in a way where she always looked like she was angry. She has large purple eyes and light purple hair tied into a ponytail, as well as a noticeably curvaceous figure with massive breasts. She wore a brown robe with thick woolen borders and a collar that reveals much of her cleavage. She also wore a necklace with a green stone in the center, between two white stones that looked like teeth, which in turn were also between two other green stones.

In the anime, her skin had a purple tint matching her purple color scheme, as well as a sharp tooth peeking out from the corner of her mouth.

Shion Kijin Anime 1.png


Similar to her brethren's evolution, Shion's horn became narrower and she overall lost her vicious appearance after becoming a Kijin. She became a beautiful woman, with a slender and voluptuous body, and a height of 170 centimeters. Her hair grew much longer, and her skin also lost the purple tint.

She received a set of Western formal attire i.e. a white shirt, covered by purple suit and purple pants that were custom made by Shuna. She leaves the suit unbuttoned, allowing a generous portion of her cleavage to jiggle out.

Shion After Harvest Festival.png

Wicked Oni

Her kijin appearance as a beautiful woman, with a slender and voluptuous body, and a height of 170 centimeters didn't change much even after her evolution into Wicked Oni prior to Rimuru's Demon Lord evolution.

She still wears the yellow-green shirt, covered by purple suit and purple pants, that were custom made by Shuna and co's crafting skills. She leaves the suit unbuttoned, allowing a generous portion of her cleavage to jiggle out, and now it is her battle suit.


Shion is very clumsy and rather simple and dense, believing unconditionally in Rimuru's success despite his misgivings. Above all else she is passionate. She does not understand the beauty of gentle refinement and does everything with all her strength with no restraint. For example, when attempting to clean, she concluded that "everything must be erased" and attempted to destroy the very building.

After her resurrection, while she still often tends to make impulsive decisions and tries to solve things with excessive violence, occasionally an uncharacteristic wisdom of hers shines through. For example, when Dagruel's three sons invaded Tempest to challenge Rimuru, instead of outright killing them, she tamed them all by herself and turned them into her students, impressing even Rimuru.


  • Shion is so bad at cooking that those who eat it must obtain or have Poison Resistance in order to survive its taste.
  • Shion's love interest is Rimuru.
  • Shion is an idol in Tempest and also has a fan club.
  • Shion gets very jealous around people who are close to Rimuru or when Rimuru acknowledges someone other than her.
  • Shion's cooking has become well known throughout Tempest. Even though she acquired the Unique Skill Cook, people still avoid her cooking. Rimuru has used Shion's cooking as a means of torture.