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"War Lord" Shion"闘神王"(ウォーロード)紫苑(シオン), "Toushin Ou"(W o o R o o d o) Shion」(Shion literally meaning, "Violet Garden") is one of the three groups of subordinates to be named by Rimuru, and she is also his number one secretary and bodyguard..

In addition, She is the leader of the Yomigaeri and also one of Rimuru's strongest fighters. She is also coveted by many of the other Demon Lords who have met her.


Shion Ogre Anime 1


As an Ogre, Shion had an overall unsightly appearance, with a really thick black horn protruding from the center of her forehead, the base of which had skin folded in a way where she always looked like she was angry.

She has large purple eyes, and light purple hair tied into a ponytail. She has a noticeably curvaceous figure, with massive, juicy breasts noted by Rimuru.

In the anime, her skin had a purple tint matching her purple color scheme, as well as a sharp tooth peeking out from the corner of her mouth.

She wore a brown robe with thick woolen borders and a collar that reveals much of her cleavage. She also bore a necklace with a green stone in the center, between two white stones that looked like teeth, which in turn were also between two other green stones.

Shion Kijin Anime 1


Similar to her brethren's evolution, Shion's horn became narrower and lost her vicious appearance after becoming a Kijin. She became a beautiful woman, with a slender and voluptuous body, and a height of 170 cm. Her hair grew much longer, and her skin also lost the purple tint.

In the Web Novel, she received a kimono that turned purple to match her aura, but in other media, she received a set of Western formal attire i.e. A yellow-green shirt, covered by purple suit and purple pants, that were custom made by Shuna and co's crafting skills. She leaves the suit unbuttoned, allowing a generous portion of her cleavage to jiggle out.


Shion is very clumsy and kind of dense. But above all else she is passionate. She does not understand the beauty of gentle refinement and natural simplicity. She does everything with all her strength. As if screaming, strength is everything! When cleaning, “Everything must be erased” she concluded and attempted to destroy the very building.

After she was resurrected, she became increasingly vicious towards her enemies to the point where Hakurou feared she had lost her mind. He believed that she had become afraid of death because she didn't want to disappear without having been of any use to Rimuru. However, after Rimuru scolded her, she underwent another change and became thoughtful and calm during a battle, greatly increasing her combat ability.

Until recently, the heavy insecurity that had occupied her heart had completely vanished. She wasn't afraid of death, what she feared more than death was to be forgotten. However, it's alright now. Her conviction that Rimuru-sama will never forget about her had swept away Shion's insecurity. At the same time as the insecurity was swept away, she realized that it was meaningless to envy others.

So, instead of envy, she had surpassed it. Shion had reached the part where she noticed the meaning of surpassing herself, that “She’s not another person.” In that case, she will always keep on growing. At the end of that progress, thanks to their longer lifespan she could arrive at a perspective that couldn't be attained by short-lived people.


She first joined Rimuru following the Ogre Village's destruction and was named along with the others after Benimaru accepted Rimuru's offer.

Shion died protecting a child from the invading Farmas Kingdom's army but was revived by Rimuru. The magic energy concentration dropped due to the barrier placed around Tempest, so her strength had fallen leaving her defenseless. In addition, Shion was always bad with barriers. The sword that slashed her was the Ogre Eater magic sword.

In the middle of the evolution she received during the Rimuru's gift granting ceremony when she needed to express her dearest wishes, she wished for her cooking to be delicious, thus obtaining the unique skill cook.


  • She along with Rimuru and Shuna are voted as the three major idols of the monster country, Tempest.
  • Just like Shuna and Milim, she also harbors intimate feelings towards Rimuru.


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