Shadow Strike (隠密者(シノブモノ) shinobumono, lit. "Covert Operative") is Souei's Unique Skill that he gained due to Rimuru's Harvest Festival.

Due to his regret of being unable to stop the attack of the Farmus Kingdom's Otherworlder, Souei wished for more combat ability, causing the manifestation of this Unique Skill that enables him to damage the Spiritual Bodies of his enemies, which allows him to bypass the physical defenses of his target, as well as lets him attack Spiritual Lifeforms who are otherwise immune to physical damage.


  • Thought Acceleration (思考加速 shikō kasoku):
  • Ultra Acceleration (超加速 chō kasoku):
  • Insta-Kill (一撃必殺 ichigekihikkoro):
  • Espionage (隠密 onmitsu):
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