The Sealed Cave (封印の洞窟 fūin no dōkutsu) is the location of Tempest's Hipokte Grass farm, Which is under Gabiru’s supervision. The Hipokte Grass can be cultivated due to the high amount of Magicules within the cave.


  • This is the cave that Veldora Tempest was sealed inside of by the Nameless Hero with her Unique Skill Unlimited Imprisonment over 300 years ago, hence "Sealed Cave." Due to Veldora's presence, his Aura caused the cave to be filled with Magicules which caused the increased presence of Magic Ore and Hipokte Grass.
  • Rimuru Tempest was "spawned" as a Slime and named by Veldora in this cave. He defeated many of the cave's inhabitants, gaining their Skills before leaving the cave.

Known Inhabitants

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