Saved Souls (救われる魂 Sukuwareru tamashī) is the twenty-third episode of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


The five children pray and call for their Spirits and stabilize their energies, after which Rimuru repays Ramiris' by making a golem and having a Greater Demon possess it to serve her before leaving. After returning, Rimuru recalls everything that happened in the season while a looming Arch Demon observes him from the spiritual world. Finally, as he returns to Tempest, he is followed by a woman in armored clothing.


Ramiris has led Ranga, Rimuru and his five students: Kenya, Ryota, Gale, Alice, and Chole to the heart of the Labyrinth. He then instructs them on how to summon them the spirits they need. Basically, they just have to go to the altar and talk to them, asking for help or asking to play are both acceptable requests.

Gale, the oldest of the five, goes first, after a few seconds of praying some lesser spirits to show up to answer Gale's call. Great Sage proposes eating the summoned spirits using Gluttony and then fusing them using Degenerate into a greater spirit of Earth which is then fused into Gale which halts the break down of his body. An overjoyed Gale cries tears of relief and is cheered on by his classmates.

Alice goes second and once again using the Gluttony and Deviant combo, Rimuru produces a spirit with the Attribute of space and fuses it with Alice who gives Rimuru a kiss as thanks. However, when Kenya's turn comes the Spirit of Light doesn't even wait for him to ask before it shows up. Though an enraged Ramiris orders the spirit to leave her home it states that it came because it sensed Kenya's potential to become a Hero.

Already understanding Kenya's condition, the light spirit decides to remain fused with him until he's an adult and has the ability to regulate his own magical power. The Gluttony and Deviant combo is used to produce a Wind and Water spirit for Ryouta and is successfully fused with Ryouta without spectacle. Last but not least there is Chloe who before the process begins declares her love for Rimuru who would prefer that she wait until she was an adult before she said that.

However, when Chloe's spirit comes everyone is rocked with enormous pressure and instead of a spirit a woman in white appears and kisses Rimuru. Coming in contact with Rimuru even Veldora seems to sense the immense danger of the woman and Ramiris prepares to attack it to chase it off. However, at the last second, the ghostly woman fuses into Chloe's body, stabilizing her.

Ramiris theorizes that the woman was an entity from the future and fears for one where such a powerful being is able to run rampant. Deciding that matter has been resolved, Rimuru and the Children thanks Ramiris for all that she's done. As promised Rimuru builds a doll body out of Magic Steel from the Magi-Soldier Body and summons a demon to inhabit it.

Returning to Kingdom of Ingrassia Rimuru explains to Yuuki that the children are safe now. Yuuki explains that the nations that originally summoned the children are unlikely to try to claim them, doing so would be in blatant violation of their treaty with the Freedom Association. With that matter resolved Yuuki asks Rimuru how he was able to stabilize the children, though instead, Rimuru bribes him into silence with an even more massive pile of Manga.

As Rimuru looks at Shizue Izawa's Anti-Magic Mask he fondly reminisces about everything that has happened to him since arriving in the new world. Rimuru has a heartfelt departure with his students, gifting them all new robes and Chloe Shizue's Mask promising that they will come and visit. As Rimuru leaves Ingracia he explains that giving Chloe the mask felt like the natural thing to do and turns back into a slime, unaware that a Woman is watching him.

Meanwhile, Rimuru is being watched through a crystal ball by an Arch Demon whom laments that he finally had a chance to get summoned by Rimuru, but someone else got ahead of him.






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