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Satoru Mikami (三上悟 Mikami Satoru) was a middle aged Japanese salaryman working as a general contractor. After death, he reincarnated as a Slime in a different world who was later named Rimuru by the Storm Dragon Veldora.


Satoru was a fairly handsome man with blue eyes and short black hair.


Satoru was well-liked and respected in general for being a reliable individual, however, his dark and uncommon sense of humor often caused him to appear mean-spirited or hard to understand.

He gave up seriously pursing romance after failing to get a girlfriend three times, instead indulging himself with H-games.

Satoru is not afraid of violence. When dealing with delinquents, Satoru was able to deal with them without panicking and he is even brave enough to throw himself in front of a knife to save his junior co-worker.

His modus operandi in regards to tasks is to trim information to the necessary minimum as later shown by Rimuru asking for the summarized versions of Great Sage's reports and asking for redundant ones to be skipped altogether.


After leaving college, he joined a major general contractor firm and lived alone till the age of 37, never having a girlfriend. Filial duty was left to his older brother, so Satoru was free to live a bachelor's life.

He was stabbed protecting his junior co-worker Tamura from a passing robber. While dying, the Voice of the World granted Satoru Skills based on his last thoughts before death, as well as for deciding his form of reincarnation. After dying, his memories of his life got burned into his soul and he got reincarnated into a creature that best fit his new Skills and dying-wishes; a Slime.


  • The name Satoru means "enlightenment" (悟).
  • Satoru's surname Mikami means "three" (三) (mi) and "above, top, upper" (上) (kami).


  • Satoru appears to have an Elf-fetish.
  • Takuma Terashima, the Japanese voice actor of Satoru Mikami is also the performer and writer of the first and second opening themes, Nameless story and Meguru Mono, and the fourth ending theme, Reincarnate.