Roy Valentine (ロイ・ヴァレンタイン roi varentain) is the body double of Demon Lord Luminous Valentine. His strength is at the level of a Demon Lord Seed. He was killed on his way back from Walpurgis to defend the inner sanctum of Ruberios.


Roy Valentine appears to be a tall man with blond hair with regal clothing befitting a Demon Lord.


Roy is a prideful individual who sees many others as below him. Despite this, he's actually very loyal towards his master, Luminous Valentine.


Roy together with his brother has served Luminous for a very long time, even before Ruberius came into existence.

After the founding of Ruberius, he acted as the Demon Lord to terrorize people into joining the religion of Luminism, while his brother acted as the pope to lead the religion.


Roy Valentine was first seen acting as the Demon Lord Valentine together with a maid, who was Luminous in disguise, during the Walpurgis Banquet. After his and Luminous' true identities were revealed by Veldora, Luminous ordered him to go back and defend the inner sanctum of Ruberius.

On his way back he encountered Laplace, who had just been repelled from the Inner Sanctum by Hinata Sakaguchi. At first, Roy was cornering Laplace despite being weakened by the new moon, but after Roy started mocking the deceased Clayman, Laplace got enraged and killed Roy by using the strength and techniques that Laplace normally keeps concealed.


Luminous Valentine: His master whom he served loyally.

Louis Valentine: His twin brother.

Gunther: Fellow servant to the same master.

Hinata Sakaguchi: Once they battled each other and Roy lost to Hinata.


Roy has the ability any vampire would have.


  • Despite both Roy and Louis having the Surname "Valentine", there is a subtle difference between theirs and "Valentine" of Luminous in the Japanese version. While the brothers' surname is spelled ヴァレンタイン varentain, the surname of Luminous is spelled バレンタイン barentain both which are usually transliterated into "Valentine". The most likely reason why that is the case is probably to prevent their surnames from being identical, which would have made the world consider the brothers as Luminous "equals", like in the case of Rimuru and Veldora sharing the "Tempest" surname.
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