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It's simple. I want to create a world where life is as convenient as I wish it to be. A comfortable world where everyone can laugh and enjoy their lives as much as possible. That's what I truly and honestly want.

Ideals without power are nonsense, and power without ideals is empty, right? I'm a greedy guy, but I don't have an interest in seeking power just for the sake of power, without the ambition to do something with it.

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Rimuru Tempestリムル=テンペスト, rimuru tenpesuto is the main protagonist of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and the reincarnation of Satoru Mikami.

Quick Answers

Who was Rimuru Tempest before their reincarnation? toggle section
Before reincarnating to a different world, Rimuru Tempest was a 37-year-old Japanese called Satoru Mikami, who worked as a general contractor .
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How does Rimuru's size change throughout the series? toggle section
Initially, Rimuru's slime form is about 40 cm in diameter, increasing as they get stronger and reaching its peak at 80 cm after becoming an Ultimate Slime. Rimuru's human form starts out at 120 cm and and grows taller to reach around 160 cm.
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What is the appearance of Rimuru in their slime form? toggle section
Rimuru Tempest's slime form is a slightly blue, translucent ooze, with a diameter of 40 to 80 cm. It can take on a metallic appearance with the Body Armor skill, and occasionally, after evolving into a Demon Slime, their body gives of a golden shine.
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What is the gender of Rimuru Tempest? toggle section
Rimuru Tempest is genderless.
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What is the appearance of Rimuru Tempest in their human form? toggle section
Rimuru Tempest's human form appears as an androgynous 15 to 16 year old with a Japanese face, golden eyes, and long silver-blue hair.
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In their normal form — referred to as slime formスライム形態(フォーム), suraimu fōmu — Rimuru takes the appearance of a spherical — sometimes amorphous — mass of slightly blue and translucent ooze. Rimuru's initial slime form has a diameter of around 40 cm and it increases as they get stronger across the series, becoming around 80 cm after reincarnating into an ultimate slime.

When using the Body Armor skill, Rimuru's slime form takes on a metal slimeメタルスライム, metaru suraimu[1] appearance; while their demon slime form sometimes takes the appearance of a golden slimeゴールドスライム, gōrudo suraimu.[2]


Rimuru's facial features in human form are nearly identical to those of Shizu, but the long silver-blue hair and deep golden eyes give off an otherworldly divine beauty that sets the two apart. Rimuru can also occasionally be seen wearing Shizu's mask or donning draconic wings.


Rimuru's initial human form before consuming the Orc Disaster was that of a child that looked no older than six or seven. It had short hair and was typically dressed in a simple outfit made of pelts before switching to the more iconic shirt, pants, and leather jacket combination.

Demon lord seed

After consuming the Orc Disaster Geld, Rimuru gains another 10 cm in height and significantly longer hair, giving the appearance of a child around the age of nine. The primary outfit in this time period consisted of loose black pants and a white and gold shirt both woven from silk mixed with Steel Thread. Over this, they wore a thick black (blue in the anime and manga) jacket and a fur scarf both made from the pelt of the Direwolf Boss.

True demon lord

After the Harvest Festival and evolution into a demon slime, Rimuru gains another 10 cm in height, giving the appearance of a child around the age of twelve or thirteen. During this period the primary outfit consisted of black pants, a black and gold shoulderless shirt, a fur scarf, and a black haori with white accents down the sleeves.

Ultimate slime

After evolving into a True Dragon and subsequently reincarnating into an ultimate slime, Rimuru's human form is that of an androgynous albeit girly 15 to 16 year old adolescent. The main outfit from this point consists of black pants and a black sleeveless long shirt accented with white boots and white stripes respectively. The arms have black detached long sleeves with golden ornaments at the top as well as a golden collar piece around the neck. The white rope-like belt has a metal loop at the back for the purpose of tying the scabbard of a sword. They can also occasionally be seen wearing a cloak over top of this outfit.

Additionally, Rimuru has been seen wearing a more casual version of this outfit with a more simple pair of overly baggy black pants and a white shirt.


Rimuru is an eccentric and childish person by nature but this shouldn't be mistaken for immaturity and naivety. Underneath the surface, Rimuru is constantly analyzing, planning, and weighing the pros and cons of their actions, taking the smart move in the long term over more rash and emotional decisions. In betrayal of this composed and calculative demeanor, Rimuru is ruthless when it comes to handling people who have aroused genuine fury inside of them. They'll go as far as acts of brutal torture and murder without so much as batting an eye if it can be gotten away with, and they use more subtle methods like intimidation and blackmail when those cards are off the table.

Rimuru also takes a great deal of care with their personal image, lying on official accounts,[3][4] erasing memories,[5] and creating forged historical documents to make them appear as a more kind and benevolent person than they are in reality.[6] Despite Rimuru's often selfish and nefarious tendencies, they do deeply care for their subordinates, viewing them as something like a family or collection of children. And due to the memories of Satoru Mikami and Shizu, Rimuru has access to a robust set of human ethics to rely on when their more cruel monster self isn't up to the task.

Rimuru's goal in life is to create a convenient world where they can kick back and lazily enjoy entertainment similar in quality to what is found on Earth.



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