Capital City Rimuru (中央都市リムル chūō toshi rimuru) or Rimuru City, in short, is the Capital City of the Jura Tempest Federation.


Originally an empty plot of land, Rimuru Tempest along with his subordinates of monsters at the time only consisting of: Hobgoblins, Tempest Wolves, and Dwarves moves here shortly after the arrival of 500 Goblins from the surrounding villages.

Because the population has suddenly boomed, Rimuru chose to move their base to a bigger location that has nearby water and some cleared land suitable for farming. The area chosen was near The Sealed Cave where Veldora Tempest was sealed.

After the defeat of the Orc Disaster and the addition of the High Orc forces to his New nation: Jura Tempest Federation Rimuru's Capital: Rimuru's further increased in size.


Rimuru City has many shops, farms, plumbing and an irrigation system to give their population the basic amenities to make their lives comfortable. As well as the City having roads leading to and from the city to make it easier to travel to and from Rimuru city. Rimuru City has a capital building to house the Jura Tempest Federation Government to discuss Political, Economical and Social Issues both within the Federation and outside with their growing Geo-Political Influence.



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There are at least 500 Goblins that became Hobgoblins after being named by Rimuru.

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Direwolves/Tempest Wolves/Star Wolves/Tempest Star Wolves

There are at least 100 Direwovles/Tempest Wolves in Rimuru City.

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High Orcs

There are at least 2000 of High Orcs in Rimuru City that moved into the city after the defeat of the Orc Lord. They serve as general labor workers and construction workers; They help build many of Rimuru city's Infrastructure projects.

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Originally 6 Ogres that were the only survivors from an attack by the Orc Lord that meet Rimuru and that him as an evil Majin; After a brief battle with him and seeing his overwhelming power and seeing that he wasn't the evil Majin that attacked they village they decided to talk it out; After which Rimuru Named them: Benimaru, Shuna, Shion, Souei, Hakurou and Kurobe granting them a massive increase in the amount of power they have access to. After the Defeat of the Orc Lord, they permanently swear their allegiance to Rimuru as his loyal servants.

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There are roughly over 100 Dragonewts living in the Rimuru City after the defeat of the Orc Lord. After hearing that there was an Orc Lord within the Orc Army horde Chieftain Abiru agreed to an Alliance with Rimuru Tempest. After the Defeat of the Orc Lord Abiru decided to join Rimuru Tempest's Jura Alliance later known as the Jura Tempest Federation. Chieftain Abiru sends some of his Subjects to Rimuru city to gain experience; As well as Gabiru and his men joining Rimuru Tempest. Rimuru named all of them which granting them a massive increase in the amount of power they have access to and they permanently swear their allegiance to Rimuru as his royal servants.

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There are at least 5 Dwarves in Rimuru City. When Rimuru Tempest saw that the Goblins/HoboGoblin had very little experience in construction and textile works to rebuild the Village, Rimuru decided to head to the Dwarven City of Dwargon for possible skilled Dwarves to help in teaching his new subjects how to properly construct housing and to create and use textiles to become a self-sufficient village/Town. Rimuru was able to recruit 4 Dwarves named Kajin, Garm, Dord, Myrd, and later on Vesta. As time when on the Dwarves in the Jura Tempest Federation have grown in Political and Economical influence.

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True Dragon

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  • The name of the city is "Tempest City" in Web Novel, as in the Web Novel version Rimuru managed to dissuade his followers from using his first name for the capital name, while in the canon material he failed to do so.
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