Altight then, Benimaru. Do you know as of today you might even become a demon lord?

Rimuru, Chapter 162

Rimuru's Twelve Patrons [聖魔(リムル)十二守護王, Seima(Rimuru) Juuni Shugo Ou, literally meaning "Rimuru's Twelve Guardian Kings"] are the top 12 executives of Rimuru Tempest. They are those subordinates who have been awakened as True Demon Lords and have been bestowed a title of a "Lord."

Among them, 7 were awakened after successfully defending against the Eastern Empire and the remaining 5 were awakened before the Tenma War after Guy had given Rimuru 500,000 souls to evolve Mizari and Hirari.

These executives are:


Rimuru initially had 945,000 souls after defeating the Eastern Empire. He used 10,000 souls to partially revive 700,000 Empire soldiers, 700,000 souls to awaken 7 of his subordinates, 5,000 souls to name Wenti, and 20,000 souls to let Ramiris name the Four Dragon Kings (Zephyrus, Boreas, Notos, Euros), thus leaving him with 210,000 souls.

Right, when the ceremony was done, Guy Crimson, who was surprised at the sudden awakening of several Demon Lords, came flying and demanded an explanation and after having conversed with Rimuru, requested that he awaken his two subordinates, Mizari and Hirari, as well. Accepting, Rimuru requested Guy for 500,000 souls with Raphael's bold and daring swindler's advice.

Although the ability of Gluttonous King Beelzebuth required around 100,000 souls to evolve a capable being into True Demon Lords who did not have the Demon Lord's Seed (so he actually only needed to request for 200,000), Raphael took the chance and asked for more since Guy did not know of the actual soul requirements. This took into account all of Rimuru's remaining subordinates who were capable of evolution.

Once Mizari and Hirari arrived, instead of directly using 100,000 on each, Rimuru steadily infused them with souls until they started evolution. This caused him to use only 180,000 souls total (he only needed to provide 90,000 each because Guy once upon a time tried to evolve those two using 10,000 souls as well, but failed), and leaving him with 530,000 souls in stock.

Later, before the Tenma War began, Rimuru spent 500,000 souls and evolved his remaining "Lords."


After the war against the Eastern Empire, Benimaru was naturally selected to be the first person to receive post-war rewards. Although he was surprised that his reward was being awakened as a True Demon Lord, he gave up and prepared himself for his new powers.

Rimuru gave him the title of "Flame Lord" and transferred 100,000 souls into his being through the soul corridor to commence the evolution. However, nothing happened.

It seemed there was another requirement. Since the concept of lifespan becomes meaningless when one awakens as a True Demon Lord, there is no need for reproduction anymore. As the leader of the Ogre tribe, which was on the brink of extinction, unless Benimaru bore kin, his evolution would not begin.

You better be resoluted, Benimaru.
Momiji, come forth! I hereby recognize the binding of souls between you and Benimaru!

Rimuru, Chapter 162

And thus Benimaru and Momiji were engaged. Later, after the ceremony, their official wedding took place.

Before the Tenma War, when 'everything was done', he automatically awakened as a True Demon Lord and evolved from a Fair Oni into a Flame Spirit Oni (Upper tier Diving Monster Spirit). Thus, carrying on his post as one of Rimuru's three strongest subordinates.


Ranga was in the second group of monsters that Rimuru named. He only named Ranga, but the effect evolved the entire pack. Ranga was the son of the Dire Wolf chief that Rimuru had to kill. When Rimuru showed his superior aura, the rest of the Dire Wolf Clan bowed in subjugation. Although Rimuru paired each wolf with a hobgoblin, Ranga decided to remain in Rimuru's shadow soaking up his aura causing mutations.

Ranga was present for the meeting with the Ogres and fought them to protect the hobgoblins. He was present again at the battle against the Orcs and distinguished himself against them. In each battle, Ranga was front and center fighting with Rimuru and the other monsters. Due to his constant absorption of Rimuru's aura while in his shadow, Ranga constantly and consistently grew more and more powerful.

After the Eastern Empire, Ranga was naturally selected for a reward and was given 100.000 souls and named Star Lord Ranga, his evolution was not immediate and he returned to Rimuru's shadow. He evolved into a Wind Spirit Wolf (Upper tier Divine Monster Spirit). Ranga has since acquiesced to bond with Gobuta as a Wolf Rider in battle.


Gabiru was in the fifth group of monsters that Rimuru named. He was originally named by Gelmud. After Gelmud's death, his 'named' status became fundamentally non-existent, thus allowing Rimuru to somehow name Gabiru as 'Gabiru' again, evolving him into a Dragonewt. Gabiru became Rimuru's subordinate after he was exiled from his tribe by his father. He originally worked to grow herbs that is the ingredient for healing potions.

After evolving into a Dragonewt, he became at least an A-ranked monster. He also formed his own squad that was named Hiryuu, the aerial force of Tempest. At one point, his squad was considered the strongest force in Tempest.

He is quite proficient with the spear. He was strong enough to keep up with Pico, which was an extremely strong foe whose weapon of choice is also a spear. He wields the Vortex Spear in battle.

After Rimuru defeated the Eastern Empire, Gabiru was given 100.000 souls and was given the title Dragon Lord Gabiru, his evolution was similar to his ability Dragon Transformation. Gabiru has since become a force to be reckoned in battle and is not to be underestimated.

He has the Ultimate Gift, "Pierott Star." Which allows him to change his fate once a day.

Is it so unexpected!? Does the fact that I’m not dead irk you so much? There is a reason I can’t die, so please forgive me, Miss!

Gabiru, in the battle against Pico



Rimuru's bodyguard and first secretary. Unlike Benimaru, Shion didn't have to produce an heir as a stipulation for becoming a Demon Lord


The primordial demon black is the strongest member of the Twelve Patrons. Diablo is Rimuru's second secretary and founder/leader of the Black Numbers. Venom serves as his lieutenant.


The nine-tailed fox who would later be named Kumara was the subordinate of Demon Lord Clayman. Serving in the group known as the Five Fingers, she was the "Thumb Finger." After being forced to fight during the Demons Lords Banquet, she was paired off against Ranga. Summoning the White Ape and Moon Rabbit to fight alongside her. Rimuru freed her from Clayman's curse and afterward, she goes on to join Rimuru in Tempest. Being given the name Kumara she would also have Rimuru name her eight friends who were extensions of herself further increasing her power significantly.

After the Eastern Empire's force of almost a million strong was beaten by Tempest. Kumara would be given 100,000 souls and the title "Chimeric Lord Kumara." Evolving into an Awakened Demon Lord she would be ordered to return to the labyrinth so as to not run berserk as she desperately tried to keep her senses. She would complete her evolution by the time Rimuru went to face Rudra and Velgrynd. Afterward, she would obtain the Ultimate Skill: Mythical Beast King Bahamut and she would be assigned as the protector of the children during the Tenma Great War as they assisted Masayuki.


The insectoid monster who would later be named Zegion was found by Rimuru one day on the verge of death after killing a blade tiger. Once it was discovered Zegion was protecting a wasp who would also be named Apito. Rimuru saved them by giving them some of his cells and names after making a deal to provide him with honey on a regular basis. Zegion would go on to protect the Treants and upon first meeting him, Ramiris began saying bizarre things that Rimuru ignored. He would later be moved to the labyrinth with the Treants and there he would prove his strength against the Empires invasions force.

After the Eastern Empire's force of almost a million strong was beaten by Tempest. Zegion was given 100,000 souls and the title "Mist Lord Zegion." Evolving into an Awakened Demon Lord, he is now one of Rimuru's top three subordinates. Suppressing his power from running amok, he would become a chrysali inside of the labyrinth in order to complete his evolution and he would forcefully complete his evolution by the time Rimuru went to face Rudra and Velgrynd. The only one to receive a gift from his evolution was Apito and he would obtain the Ultimate Skill: Illusion King Mephisto.



The primordial demon white.


The primordial demon violet.


The primordial demon yellow. Member of both the Black and Yellow Numbers.

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