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Rimuru's Busy Life (リムルの忙しい日々 rimuru no isogashī hibi) is the twenty-fifth episode of the anime adaptation That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and the first episode of the second season.


Rimuru entrusts the children's education to a new teacher and returns to Tempest. After being updated on the events that transpired during his abscence, Rimuru starts negotiations to establish diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Eurazania, led by Carrion.[1]


As Rimuru calls the Class S students, Rimuru breaks the news that he will be leaving as the final semester is here. Rimuru promises the students that he will visit them once in a while. Tiss calls reminds Rimuru is about time to exchange.

Rimuru hands over a book to Tiss and Kenya Misaki asked him what is he going to do next. Rimuru responded saying that he is a busy slime. Rimuru bids farewell to the Class and leaves.

Rimuru and Ranga are looking at ... and are talking about how Tiss is a good teacher to hand the kids over to. Ranga and Rimuru (teleports) back to Tempest and talks about how he became and what he did after getting reincarnated as a slime. Rimuru also hopes that this "peace" last a long time.

Rimuru explains that Carrion has formed a non-aggression pact with Tempest so that neither of them will attack each other. Rimuru receives an offer by Carrion himself about sending embassy to each other's country. Rimuru has appointed Benimaru as the leader of the embassy and Rigur as the secretary. Rigurd cries because he was so proud of being able to see Rigur growing up. Rimuru's reason for coming back to Tempest was to send the embassy off.

Rimuru tries mimicking objects lying around in the room. Shuna and Shion brought some cloths for our slime to try on for the ceremony. Rimuru rejects all the cloths that Shion and Shuna brought and request the clothes to be "Fine and Proper".

As Rimuru walks up to the stage, the crowd cheers on how stunning Rimuru looks with his new outfit. (Someone) shouted to request the crowed to pay attention to Rimuru. Shuna asked Rimuru about the "speech" that he gave. Rimuru thought to himself that the "speech" that he just gave was too short.

Rimuru continues the speech from where he left of. Rimuru explains what being a good country is and their leader also known as Beastmaster. Rimuru orders the embassy to retreat immediately as soon as the Beastman wants to challenge them.

After the first embassy departed, Shuna was guiding the cooks in the kitchen while Vesta is lecturing the waiters on etiquette. Shion tells Rimuru that the day to visit the Armed Nation of Dwargon has been determined. Treyni appeared right after Rimuru explains to Shion that Rimuru needs to properly explain what had happened to Charybdis and Milim.

Treyni informs the embassy from Eurazania has finally entered the Jura Forest and will be arriving in two days. Youm and his party will be visiting Tempest before the embassy from Eurazania could. After slicing a mushroom looking monster in halve, Youm tells the little girl, that he just save, where he had gotten the sword from.

In the hot spring, Rimuru explains to... the dink that they were drinking is called "Brandy". After explaining the details on why Carrion and his embassy is visiting Tempest, Rimuru warns Youm's group to not pick a fight with Eurazania's embassy to ruin Rimuru's chance on having a friendly relation with them.

As the carriages arrive at Tempest, Albis and Rimuru bow towards each other. As Albis explain herself, Rimuru didn't expect to find a top executive to be in front of them. Suphia kicks open the door and complains about the ruler of Tempest is a SLIME.








Adaptation Notes

This Episode Adapts the Following Material:


  • A scene of Rimuru announcing his eventual departure to the Class S Students while having Tiss has substitute teacher was added.
  • In the Light Novel and Manga, when Rimuru leaves Ingrassia his teaching job was fully completed. In the Anime, he leaves Ingrassia while having one month left in his teaching job.
  • A montage of Rimuru visiting Ingrassia, arguing with Jeff and spending time with the Class S Students, was added.
  • A scene of Rimuru shape-shifting into various jars and vases was added.
  • A scene of Rimuru trying on different outfits selected by Shuna and Shion was added.
  • In the Light Novel and Manga, the delegation relations meeting between Tempest and Eurazania happens before Rimuru's trip to the Kingdom of Ingrassia. In the Anime, the delegation happens after Rimuru's trip to Ingrassia but before the official end of his teaching job.
  • Further information to be added.


  • This episode was initially slated to premiere on October 2020 but was delayed to January 12, 2021, due to COVID-19.[2]



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