"Goblin King" Rigurd「"ゴブリンキング" リグル, ”” Goburin Kingu Rigurudo」is the goblin village elder and Rimuru Tempest's very first subordinate. Later, when several other neighboring goblin villages migrated to their village, among the four elected chiefs Regurdo, Rugurdo, Rogurdo, and Ririna, Rigurd supervised over them all.


Rigurdo old


Rigurd was originally unsteady and wrinkled. With the short stature of a goblin, he looked like he would step into his death bed very soon, as, after every single step, he seemed like his body wouldn't be able to handle walking anymore. His manner speech was slow, similar to any aged person, and he always needed his walking stick wherever he went. He was so incredibly frail, that he had trouble keeping his eyes fully open most the time.

Rigurdo new


After evolving into a hobgoblin, he developed a robust muscular body, as still in his prime of life. His height increased to the likes of a 6-foot tall man and eyes go deep into his skull to the point that a shadow is cast in his entire eye socket. He can often be seen flexing his muscles whenever he is given responsibility for a task, expressing just how much he loves and is grateful for this new body.

Among all the hobgoblins, he was probably the most muscular individual right after evolution. Needless to say, he doesn't need his walking stick anymore and can keep his eyes open with ease.


Rigurd is the classic "only seen when there's trouble" character which becomes a running gag in the story. As someone who already had one foot in his grave, he was probably the most grateful out of all the goblins to have received a name.

Even if all of Rimuru's subordinates are loyal to the point of throwing away their lives for him, Rigurd especially is one to rush to his immediate aide wherever he needs it. If it's to report about matters about the village, he would first consult his master no matter what.

Additionally, his younger son, Rigur, being given the name of his late elder son, Rigur, plus his village facing annihilation, his desperate plea for Rimuru to save them only added more factors to his deep loyalty towards Rimuru. Moreover, for all his proceeding actions, his loyalty only deepened more.


After Rimuru saved the village Rigurd was bestowed a name similar to his deceased son by Rimuru, an act that brought him to tears, shortly after, he evolved into a hobgoblin and was given the title Goblin Lord. He runs the day-to-day affairs of the village and only goes to Rimuru for important matters


Rigurd possesses B rank strength. Being the Goblin King, he is one of the strongest warriors among the goblins.

He's been talking to merchants and adventurers learning about the human culture.


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