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Rigurd (リグルド rigurudo) is the Prime Minister of the Jura Tempest Federation and Rimuru Tempest's very first named subordinate. He was originally the village chief of a Goblin Village.


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Rigurd was originally unsteady and wrinkled with the short stature of a goblin. His manner of speech was slow and stuttering and he always needed his walking stick to move around or even just stand straight. He had trouble keeping his eyes fully open most of the time.


Rigurdo new.png

After evolving into a hobgoblin upon being named, Rigurd's lifespan increased and he developed a robust muscular body. His height increased to that of a large adult human and he often flexes his muscles expressing just how much he loves and is grateful for this new younger-looking body. He no longer needs his walking stick and he can keep his deep-set eyes open with ease.


Rigurd is usually a stoic individual, but he gets easily overexcited when interacting with Rimuru. He also loves to organize festivals and feasts as much as possible. However, despite these personality quirks, he is a competent Prime Minister.


The nameless Rigurd used to govern his goblin village peacefully thanks to the protection of the aura of the sealed Veldora who the goblins treated as their god. One day Gelmud appeared and named the nameless Rigurd's eldest son as "Rigur."

Over time the goblin village managed to loot the corpses of dead adventurers who died to stronger monsters and eventually the village agreed that they needed to make use of it, so the nameless Gobta got sent to Dwargon on his own to sell a cart filled with dead adventurers' equipment. The nameless Gobta's journey succeeds and craftsmen from Dwargon appear to fix the Goblin's houses in exchange for the adventurer's equipment, leading to a time of prosperity for the village.

However one day Veldora's aura disappeared and a month later the Goblins got attacked by a pack of Direwolves led by the Direwolf Boss. In order to protect the village, the nameless Rigurd's first-born son Rigur stepped up to protect the village by ambushing the approaching direwolves, but it ended in failure and the first-born Rigur succumbed to his wounds while ensuring that information about the direwolves reached the Goblin village.

In this moment of crisis, the Goblins felt a strong aura approaching from a different direction than the Direwolves, so they tried to appeal to this individual who turned out to be Rimuru, to save their village in crisis against the Direwolves.


Empowerment Arc

To Be Added.


Rigurd started off as an E Rank Goblin and ended up as an A-Rank Hobgoblin eventually. However, his actual combat prowess is unknown because he does not have any opportunities to get involved in any battles.


  • Rimuru Tempest: Rigurd was the first to be named by Rimuru and is extremely grateful and loyal to him. After being appointed by Rimuru as Goblin King to handle all the day to day activates in all the surrounding Goblin Villages.


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