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Rigur (リグル Riguru) was the second monster to be named by Rimuru. He was named after his late elder brother who was killed during a battle with the Direwolves. He as well lives in the Capital city of the Jura Tempest Federation: Rimuru City.


Rigur is similar in appearance with any other hobgoblins, but one of his most prominent features is his bandana which he continue to wear even after evolving into a Hobgoblin.


Rigur is a calm individual who always does his best to serve his country and its people.


Rigur was the first goblin who interacted with Rimuru and being part of the first goblin village to sworn loyalty towards him.

After defeating the Direwolves, Rimuru pointed him as the captain of the goblin riders.

After the Orc Lord incident, Rigur gave up his post as captain of the goblin riders because he saw that Gobta was more fitting for the job. Instead, he was promoted as Head of Security to oversee the safety of the country. He reported directly to Benimaru.


Rimuru Tempest

After being named by Rimuru Rigur II is very loyal to him and are good friends.




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