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Resistances are traits that individuals can acquire for being resilient towards a certain kind of negative effect. Resistances can be acquired through extended exposure to a particular negative effect or through some form of evolution or ascension. They range from the individual simply being "resistant" to an effect or completely "immune"

Known Resistances

  • Heat Resistance 「耐熱耐性, Tainetsu Taisei
  • Cold Resistance 「耐寒耐性, Taikan Taisei
  • Thermal Fluctuation Resistance EX 「熱変動耐性EX, Netsu Hendou Taisei EX」 (Heat Fluctuation Resistance EX)
  • Physical Attack Resistance 「物理攻撃耐性, Butsuri Kougeki Taisei
  • Pain Nullification 「痛覚無効, Tsuukaku Mukou
  • Electricity Resistance 「電流耐性, Denryuu Taisei」 (Shock Resistance)
  • Paralysis Resistance 「麻痺耐性, Mahi Taisei
  • Physical Attack Nullification 「物理攻撃無効, Butsuri Kougeki Mukou
  • Natural Effects Nullification 「自然影響無効, Shizen Eikyou Mukou」 (Spontaneous Effect/Change Nullification)
  • Abnormal Status/Condition Nullification 「状態異常無効, Joutai Ijou Mukou
  • Spiritual Attack Resistance 「精神攻撃耐性, Seishin Kougeki Taisei
  • Holy-Demonic (Hybrid) Attack Resistance 「聖魔攻撃耐性, Seima Kougeki Taisei
  • Spiritual Attack Nullification 「精神攻撃無効, Seishin Kougeki Mukou」 (Mental Attack Nullification)
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