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Resistance (耐性 taisei) is a special kind of defensive Skill that individuals can acquire for being resilient towards a certain kind of negative effect, either innate or by acquisition. Resistances can be acquired through extended exposure to a particularly negative effect during a magicule overflow, or through some form of evolution or ascension. There is a stronger variant of Resistance called Nullification (無効 mukō), though they are also treated broadly as a part of the "Resistances."

Known Resistances in Order of Appearance

  • Heat Resistance (LN: 対熱耐性; Anime: 耐熱耐性 tainetsu taisei, LN lit.: "Anti-Heat Tolerance;" Anime lit. "Heat-Resistant Tolerance")
  • Pierce Resistance (刺突耐性 shitotsu taisei)
  • Physical Attack Resistance (物理攻撃耐性 butsuri kōgeki taisei)
  • Pain Nullification (痛覚無効 tsūkaku mukō)
  • Cold Resistance (LN: 対寒耐性; Anime: 耐寒耐性 taikan taisei, LN lit.: "Anti-Cold Tolerance;" Anime lit. "Cold-Resistant Tolerance")
  • Thermal Fluctuation Resistance (熱変動耐性 netsu hendō taisei)
  • Electricity Resistance (電流耐性 denryū taisei)
  • Paralysis Resistance (麻痺耐性 mahi taisei)
  • Flame Attack Nullification (炎熱攻撃無効 ennetsu kōgeki mukō)
  • Thermal Fluctuation Nullification (熱変動無効 netsu hendō mukō)
  • Flame Attack Resistance (炎熱攻撃耐性 ennetsu kōgeki taisei)
  • Corrosion Nullification (腐食無効 fushoku mukō)
  • Magic Resistance (魔法耐性 mahō taisei)
  • Abnormal Condition Nullification (状態異常無効 jōtai ijō mukō)
  • Natural Effects Resistance (自然影響耐性 shizen eikyō taisei)
  • Spiritual Attack Resistance (精神攻撃耐性 seishin kōgeki taisei)
  • Holy-Demonic Attack Resistance (聖魔攻撃耐性 sei ma kōgeki taisei)
  • Physical Attack Nullification (物理攻撃無効 Butsuri kōgeki mukō)
  • Natural Effects Nullification (自然影響無効 shizen eikyō mukō)
  • Physical and Spiritual Attack Resistance (物理精神攻撃耐性 butsuri seishin kōgeki taisei)
  • Abnormal Condition Resistance (状態異常耐性 jōtai ijō taisei)
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