Raymond is a World Traveler and a former Eastern Empire soldier. After being killed in the Empire's invasion of Tempest and revived by Demon Lord Rimuru, he defected to Tempest and worked as an assistant under Ramiris.




Raymond is a World Traveler. Just like many other World Traveler, he was welcomed by the Eastern Empire and joined their Army.


During the Eastern Empire's invasion of Tempest, Raymond was among the soldiers who participated in the Labyrinth Subjugation. Due to falling under the Labyrinth's "Hell Mode" initiated by Ramiris, Raymond was forced to fight desperately to escape from there. Eventually, however, he became one of the only survivors that were brought before Zegion as he considered them to be the strongest among those soldiers. In the end, Zegion finished all of them in less than a minute with his overwhelming power.

Raymond was later seen among the fallen Empire soldiers that were revived by Rimuru. Although he was also put under the curse of being unable to oppose Tempest, along with Michel, they were the only ones who underwent complete revival due to Shinjy's co pointed out to Rimuru that they're the most useful and closest to them among the Empire's soldiers. After being revived, all the revived Eastern Empire's soldiers defected to Tempest. Raymond then was employed along with Michel to work under Ramiris as her assistants.


Unique Skills


  • Herculean Strength EX: To Be Added.
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