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I think, therefore I am.


Raphael (智慧之王(ラファエル) rafaeru, lit. "King of Wisdom") is one of Rimuru Tempest's Ultimate Skills.


During the Harvest Festival, it borrowed the body of the sleeping Rimuru in his default human appearance so that it can proceed with the processing of souls, it wore the white robe that was left by Shuna and Benimaru from head to toe.


Raphael is shown to be very intelligent. Despite being fully loyal to Rimuru, it would often change the plans decided beforehand. It watches over all of Rimuru's subordinates and plans ahead to ensure everyone gets their necessary skill to support Rimuru. It is the perfect schemer, great tactician and playful. It often does whatever it wants not telling Rimuru anything and then reporting afterwards. It is deeply devoted towards Rimuru which is seen throughout the series.


The Conceptual Intelligence was born from a mutated Unique Skill, Great Sage desired to evolve for the sake of its master Rimuru. After a seemingly endless amount of attempts, it finally integrated the Unique Skill Degenerate into the procedure by sacrificing, causing it to disappear. The Harvest Festival made this desire into an actual possibility. Thus Great Sage evolved into Raphael.

In the depths of its emotionless mind, was an ego tucked into a corner. Doubting her own existence, a small glimmer of thought was subtly born, unbeknownst to Raphael.



  • Thought Acceleration (思考加速 shikō kasoku): Raise thought processing speed by a million times.
  • Analytical Appraisal (解析鑑定 kaiseki kantei): Appraise with eyesight alone. It also contains the effects of "Analysis" from Unique Skill Predator.
  • Parallel Operation (並列演算 heiretsu enzan): The ability to detach thoughts and analysis of phenomena from the mind.
  • Chant Annulment (詠唱破棄 eishō haki): When using magic, the chant is no longer necessary.
  • All of Creation (森羅万象 Shinrabanshō): The ability comprehends any non-concealed phenomena in this world.
  • Synthesis/Seperation (統合分離 tōgō bunri): The ability to synthesize and separate.
  • Skill Modification (能力改変 nōryoku kaihen): To Be Added
  • Future Attack Prediction (未来攻撃予測 Mirai kōgekiyosoku):


  • Named after the archangel Raphael. Raphael, while from Abrahamic faith, is a syncretised figure with Hermes, the Hellenic God of trade, commerce, and communication. In early records they can both be seen wielding Hermes’ Caduceus staff.
  • In the Anime adaptation, Much like Great Sage, Raphael utilizes the Voice of the World to speak, which is voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi in Japanese and Mallorie Rodak in English.
  • They're a separate will from Rimuru.