Disaster Rankings (Web Novel)

Rank *Approximate


Unrankable Limitless/ Infinite/Endless Veldanava, Rimuru Tempest, Milim Nava, Yuuki Kagurazaka
S Rank
SS 5,000,000+

(At least)

True Dragon, Demon God, Demi-God,
Great Demon Lord

S 2,000,000+

True Demon Lord, True Hero, Seraphim, Fallen Angel,

Human Saint, Demon King, Flame Spirit Oni, War Spirit Oni, Water Spirit Insect, Wind Spirit Wolf, Earth Spirit Beast, Chaos Metalloid

A+ 200,000+ Demon Noble, Demon Lord->(Self-Proclaimed), Fair Oni,

Dark Oni, Fenrir, Hero-> (with Hero's Egg), Dragon King, Dark Spirit Oni, Death Spirit

A 100,000+ Oni, Tempest Star Wolf, Arch Demon, Human Sage, Adult Dragon,

Orc King, Celestial Demons, Chaos Doll

A- 9,000+[1] Greater Demon, Arc Doll
B Rank B+ 7,000+ Angel, Star Wolf, Orc General, Wyvern
B 5,000+ Ogre, Storm Fanged Wolf, Lesser Demon, Dragonewt
B- 4,000+
C Rank C+ 3,000+ Lizardman
C 2,500+ Fanged Wolf, High Orc, Orc Knight, Hobgoblin
C- 2,000+
D Rank 1,500+ Orc
E Rank 1,000+ Slime, Human
F Rank 500+ Goblin
*It must be noted that characters were assigned Ranks and EP values (e.g. Chapter 74) initially and that a clear chart of EP to Rank categories was never provided. Meaning, readers are prone to guessing in such cases.


  • EP means Energy Point(s).
  • Note: All of this is based on the Web Novel. Therefore, somethings might not make sense but this is done in order to keep the confusion to minimal as the Web Novel itself comprises many contradictory statements.
  • Also, the "+" and "-" on A, B & C are only to distinguish different powerful individuals residing in the same Rank. Therefore, it can be concluded that they all fall in the same Rank as a Whole, i.e. Rank [A, B & C] "+" or "-" all fall in Rank [A, B & C] respectively as a Whole.
  • In the Web Novel when an individual evolves into a True Demon Lord, his/her EP becomes about 10x (times) of his/her EP preceding the evolution. However, the individual may or may not obtain an Ultimate Skill.[2]


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