Abilities and Gears


Ranga can summon other wolves.

Due to Ranga's size, he is able to create small whirlwinds simply by vigorously wagging his tail. This tail-wagging is seen to be capable of destroying a small, goblin-built building.

He lurked within Rimuru’s shadow, absorbing his Magicules, while constantly re-imagining his body. Eventually evolving into Tempest Star Wolf.

Ranga can carry two people on his back using Shadow Step.


Intrinsic Skills

  • Keen Smell

Extra Skills

Unique Skills

  • King of Magewolves
    • Ultra-Instinct
    • Possession Identify
    • Summon Comrade
    • Restore Comrade
    • Common Will Manipulation


  • Physical Attack Resistance
  • Abnormal Condition Resistance
  • Spiritual Attack Resistance
  • Chaos Attack Resistance
  • Natural Elements Resistance
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