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Swine, if you retreat, I shall not chase; if you attack, I shall not forgive!


Ranga (嵐牙(ランガ) Ranga, lit. "Storm/Tempest Fang") is one of the first group of subordinates named by Rimuru Tempest. He is an extremely loving and loyal subordinate of Rimuru, who mostly always resides in his shadow, absorbing his energy for his own growth, until he is called for or feels necessary.

He is the leader of the Star Wolf Clan and the son of the previous boss of the Direwolves.


Ranga Direwolf Anime 1


Surprisingly Ranga was the only Direwolf among his clan to have a different appearance than the others. Unlike pure periwinkle color-filled coat of the direwolves, Ranga had regions of bluish-silver fur as well, around his neck, his snout, and the far end half of his limbs and tail. He also has an iconic star mark on his forehead made by a darker color of fur.

In the Web Novel he described to have olive-brown fur, looking exactly like his father, but with a stronger build.

Ranga Tempest Wolf Anime 1

Tempest Wolf

When Ranga evolved into a Storm Wolf he became a 5m long beast, having an additional horn protruding out below the one on the center of the star mark on his forehead.

If Ranga wishes, he can shrink his size similar to that of a normal Direwolf.

Star Wolf

While siphoning off Rimuru's Magicules within Rimuru's shadow, Ranga reached the evolutionary stage of Star Wolf without anyone noticing.

Ranga Tempest Star Wolf Anime 1

Tempest Star Wolf

When he evolved into Tempest Star Wolf. His muscles bulged, his claws hardened, his fangs sharpened, and one extra horn appeared atop his head.

When using Shuttle Fly, his jet-black fur, that covered his majestic body, is clad in golden lightning pulsing through them. Demonic energy seeps out like an electrical discharge. A large golden horn grows of his forehead, on the left and right are the unchanged jet-black horns from his earlier form. The golden horn in the center releases rays of crystallized energy, pure energy, continuously.


Ranga is a very proud and loyal monster. Towards Rimuru he retains many of the traits of a dog such as loyalty, wagging his tail when he is happy, licking Rimuru, being protective, and always wanting to please his master Rimuru.

He is willing to give everything including his own life for Rimuru's happiness and will do everything within his power to make that happen.

Towards outsiders, he comes across as a scary, ferocious beast. He is very blunt with outsiders and does not show any form of politeness. He tends to appear annoyed and suspicious of outsiders.



  • Ranga has a habit of lurking in Rimuru’s shadow.
  • Ranga has a deep, baritone voice.
  • Ranga closely resembles "Tiger" from "Monster Ranchers."


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